Sometimes I Get Hungry #14



With one song, I can figure people out quickly. Better than any hour long conversation ever could. Within music, there’s a primal transistor. One that ricochets emotion through your eyes. Blood, and veins. We can tell by exasperation in your breathing, by how much sweat is streaming off your brow, by the agony and exaltation contorting your face, what exactly you’re thinking and feeling. If it’s the wrong song, at the wrong time, it can completely change the mood of any place. It can turn people against you. It can attract the wrong attention. It can make you the most hated person in the room. Why? Because as much as playing music, or more specifically choosing music, comes from that ancient recess inside your own soul, it eventually resonates into another person whose internal tuner might be at another frequency than your own. With every song you choose, you send a message.

In last week’s article, I featured a certain song. I selected it because I wanted to understand certain people a little better. The track was purposely out of place from the rest of the selections. It bewildered some. Others tried to argue with me about its classification. Most just wanted to know if I actually enjoyed it. Nowhere, within their grievances, was I disappointed in the reaction. The meaning of last week might have passed over their heads though.

Instead of being admonished for my mislabeling of last week’s track, some opened dialogue with me. Sure, they were too busy being self-deprecating, but at least they tried to have a discussion. There’s no need to be charming in a real discussion. Bring up that I was wrong in the usage of the “Deep House” term. Don’t be afraid of calling me a hypocrite even. I minored in it; with my major in “Douchebaggery”. I’m proud to have a conversation with you if you’re looking out for others. This column isn’t for a flaccid thinker. If that was my goal, I’d just work for local corporate zines; that try to brainwash the un-enlightened with #hashtags and drunk brunches. All while wrangling a commission from you or your business to get a place onto an exclusive “Best Of” list.

The proponent message of last week’s song was to see if just one crowd was reading #SometimesIGetHungry. Apparently, I’m big in Bangladesh. There was also messages from Sweden and Uruguay. Point being, the thoughts in these posts are shared around the world. The music is the common thread amongst of us. My sonic tastes, probably like your own, are varied. S.I.G.H. isn’t just about satisfying our need for song, but expanding our musical palettes. If I wanted this to be a full Techno piece, I’d just call it “Techno Hambre” and piss off my girlfriend for stealing her idea. The advanced get that this isn’t going to be a just primped look into my mindsets and discriminations. These articles are proud of the musical diversity.

Music of the Week

I want to thank the people that read from top to bottom. Not doing it just to support me because I’m a local fixture. The ones that hit me up me at school or at shows and tell me what they really think. I thank you graciously.

Prince Club – What Is House?

Throughout the entire week, I heard so many interpretations of what Deep House music really was. Well, does this track have enough soul, funk Detroit Techno, and Chicago house for you? With a predecessor vocal and a sentient lyrics, I don’t see why not. Really, I wanted to hide this track, but I thought it would be fitting for this week.

Fx Mchn – Dunn (Alphonse Wanna Hide Edit)

LondonHousingTrust released this heady edit to tease people about the LHT005 collection. Right now, I’m stuck on the UK vibe, and its progressing composition. The underweaved prayer vocal, looping underneath the triads, give it the necessary club feel of a long session, without the boredom that comes with repetitive buildup. The bass does build up fairly heavily halfway through, so you can’t slack with the set up. Fair warning.

Bot’Ox – Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Point of View)

An impressive subterfuge of Techno. This version begs to be heard live. The intro is too long for my taste, but once it winds into the groove, you’ll understand why I choose to share it with you. It shades between Deep and Minimal, but has the feel of Garage. There is an encapsulated chorus halfway through, for the Trancey pants kids that need that feels in their life. It’s quite an interesting composition–if you can survive the twelve minute track length.

Ta-ku – Knightime

Do you recognize the base instrumental? Well, the record label forced him to take the bootleg down. The instrumental is antiqued Chill and reminds me of the Groove-Tech Sub-Pop movement of the pre-massive explosion. Clap lines and charming tones are still fashionable, plus there might be a surprise in the description–if you’ve read this article fast enough.

And the people who didn’t get it, well they made me sad. Discouraged like a Jewish Christmas is more like it. We shouldn’t expect more from the people who only go to shows with unimaginative headliners, because of heyday associations. The time for a sonic coup de grace is coming. Those teeth suckers, who only attend free shows, have no idea of the metastasis dragging them along. They are never at local showcases and have no clue of what is to come. They only question your tastes and bring up the old fun times, but I laugh. I laugh because with the one song, I figured out who was stuck in the past. Also, who had more holes in their brain than mine?

Next Week: A story full of hope, betrayal, and why you should never trip a hipster.

Raul Chacon is a self-aware douchebag, who only listens to bands you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week, instead of class. Eventually, he became as a touring security and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been too; but there’s too many holes in his brain at this point.

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