I Was Just Thinking #04

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I Was Just Thinking…

Do you ever get in those reminiscing-kind-of moods? The ones that make you blow the proverbial dust off some your favorite, but long-forgotten tracks?

I was getting the itch all week. Old favorites (both the tracks and the producers that made them) kept popping up in my psyche, like signs along the road signalling the nearest exit. Every day this week has been a new virtual adventure, cruising the internet in search of the tunes that used to make me move.

Norin & Rad are two producers that kept crossing my mind. Just because I haven’t dabbled in any of their stuff as of late, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate their genuine talent to produce solid music.

For me, it all started with their track ‘Pistol Whip’. This banger instigated a hash tagging frenzy for fans (myself included). It had me air punching the first time I heard it live.

Bruce Karlsson and Nick Sember AKA Norin & Rad soon followed ‘Pistol Whip’ with the tracks B-side ‘Zion’, another aggressive take on the more “bass heavy” side of Trance.

When they finally delivered the energetic Five Finger Death Punch, they had solidified themselves as producers with a dynamic sound and definite ability to pack a punch. The boys of Norin & Rad are consistent – consistently good.

Above and Beyond have self-titled themselves as “Fan-boys,” declaring Norin & Rad “producers who capture a moment in time.” Their unique sound eludes the whiney, vocal pomp you’ll often find with Trance, choosing instead to hit you with low, hard bass and a unique sound that’s recognizable almost every time.

I remember when they released ‘DeVas’. It was a touch softer than its predecessors, but the drop was just as aggressive as ever. One thing is for certain, they have firmly secured themselves as inspired producers.

As I go back and replay some of my favorites by them, I’m convinced more, now than ever of their genius. The catchy hook in ‘Snap’, the uplifting vibes in ‘Aldo’ and their groovy and original take on Mat Zo and Porter Robinson’s ‘Easy’ – all tell-tale signs of sincere ingenuity. Something which seems to be lacking more and more in this swirling dump of sounds we call EDM.

And just because I had forgotten about these two beauties, doesn’t mean they had stopped making music. After I enjoyed my old favorites, I spent some time searching out their new material. I was equally impressed. ‘That Was Easy’ has one of the best mid-track buildups I’ve heard in a while. They bring you up steadily, drop that one liner, and boom, you’re locked in for the dance step. Such a banger.

Needless to say, I’m a fan. If you want to experience the same violent death punching, pistol whipping bass I’ve been enjoying from this Californian duo; check out the links I’ve posted. Maybe it’ll inspire you to go dabbling in your own set of classics. You know, reignite some old flames….

Article by: Kassie Mitchell

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