Take Me Away #05

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A cold and silent wind shakes the trees and leaves on the other side of my window. The winter is upon us and its grey dark clouds are hovering over the city, ominous and stoic. The icy breath of winter has shut me in my home. I listen to the message the weather intended to speak to me and I hide away from the elements. I resort to arranging myself in a comfortable chair and sipping a beautiful red wine from the Mendoza region of Argentina. A splendid night to let your chilled bones warm by the fire and read and listen to music that speaks to your soul.

The music and works of art that speak to my spirit, my soul, and my life are created from talented individuals from all walks of life. An artist is an artist and I view their works in terms of quality of artistic ability. Sadly, not all of the world is progressive enough to accept this fact and we have to face down the demons of antiquated ideologies and backwards thinking. There are many people who speak about the “good old days” and for someone who is a minority I wonder when was there a time that it was the “good old days”? In terms of art we have always had portions of the population that are underrepresented or unrepresented entirely. You might be wondering just what I am talking about. I’m talking about the works of female musicians and the industry that still wants them to just be a domestic icon. There are many who still see the world through the lens of yesteryear and do not wish to see women rise to a position of power. The world is still terrified of women in control and the falling of the patriarchal empire. Yes, today in the post-modern age we live in there remains “the glass ceiling” and there are women who intend to destroy, remove and rebuild the world without this inequality. Welcome my friends to a feminine energy that is not only needed but personally welcomed openly.

Powerful, progressive, energetic, so many words can be used to describe what the equality movement for women is and so many more words can be used to describe the music and art that they make. A great artist himself once said “The reward of suffering is experience” and if this is true, the women who have had to operate in an industry rife with sexism and inequality have experience to fill lifetimes. These female artists prove just that, experience makes great art and alas here is their art!

If you want art from a strong and powerful woman who is doing it all then look to Claire Boucher or rather GRIMES!  GRIMES is a producer, artist, musician, singer-songwriter, and a music video director! She hails from our neighboring country to the north, calling Vacouver her home. She is best known for her work of Arbutus Records and 4AD records. She has 3 albums out and she shows no signs of slowing down or moving to the side to let some larger male performer simply relegate her to the kitchen or the bedroom. She is making moves and showing the patriarchy how to make some damn good art! This video by GRIMES is titled “Venus In Fleurs”. So warm yourself in this frigid weather and warm yourself to a growing matriarchy because GRIMES and others like her are here to stay!


With music like hers, it’s easy to fall deeper into a state of comfort and relaxation. As I continue to warm up by the fire and drink my wine, I find myself digging deeper into everything that is Grimes. This track is titled “Drome” and has a way of inducing euphoria and calm simultaneously. So pop the cork out of your favorite bottle take a drink, as you delve down the rabbit hole that is the angelic sound of Grimes.

If the sounds of Grimes weren’t bewitching enough, there is more “glass ceiling” busting rhythms and soundds that will make you swoon! The artist in this next section has similar qualities to the talented Claire Boucher and moves in brave new directions as well; Tara Busch. Tara is also a multitalented person who happens to be a musician, producer and composer. She also boasts an awesome position as head honcho at esteemed music blog; Analog Suicide. Her debut album was released by Tummy Touch records, she was also invited to perform at MoogFest by Michelle Moog herself! This girl is breaking patriarchal conventions with just about every move she makes. She also happens to be making some awesome tunes! This track of hers is titled “Tag”. You’re it!

Now after we have seen where the future is taking us, we must see where we all draw our history from. This woman is talented to say the least and as groundbreaking as humanly possible. With a musical ideal that was far ahead of its time, she just may have created something that gives true fans of electronica (like myself) a reason to exist. Her name is Delia Derbyshire, our neighbor from across the pond; from the city of Coventry. Her music may have not ever truly made the charts so to speak, but she did happen to be one of the composers for the theme song featured on the original “Doctor Who”. She passed away in July of 2001 but her legacy endures as does her music. This is a video of the theme music from Doctor Who, this was a big win for electronic music and an even bigger win for women doing amazing things with music!

Delia Derbyshire – Mattachin

Here is some more Delia Derbyshire for your listening pleasure.

These groundbreaking women do things that challenge the patriarchy in every possible way. They make music that is beautiful, artistic, and creative. It deserves to be appreciated for their merit and not because they are women. Yes, there are clichés about women being the fairer sex and many men will say in a very ignorant and misogynistic way that they love women. It is not just to objectify women or wish to relegate them to domestic spheres because they are human, they are artists, and they are your friends and family. Women deserve a just industry and a social equality. Fight the good fight and listen and learn to love the emerging matriarchal music. The glass of wine is almost empty and I shall leave my soapbox for now.

Article by: Gabriel Barrio

Please send all questions, comments, and concerns to macrorecordsblog@gmail.com

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