Sometimes I Get Hungry #17

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A wayward gypsy once told me that I had a great light inside of me. It was a spark that the like-minded would understand and the plain hearted would be distracted by. I don’t think I’m a golden child. This was something that had to be understood over time. Upon reflection, it’s come and gone.

Over the last few years, my life has revolved mainly around music. Moving from my home town and then touring on the road with multiple functions and styles of music really gave me some insight. Not just for music, but the human beings involved behind it. I’m really never awestruck by the famous anymore. The big flashy lights mean nothing to me. What actually meant something, was a fragile and human moment with a person. A lot of them with people whose musical taste I never liked and might not ever. That doesn’t take away from the galvanized memory. So when my upper ups started to ask me if I could be interviewing people, I was taken back to all of those backstage moments and restless hotel bar conversations.

To be honest, I don’t want to interview people. It’s not that I think I’m better than it. I know I have the resources to pull a few minutes away from the whirlwind of a show. In the current environment, where everybody thinks they’re a rock star but are actually sleazy media hounds who want hits on their website, I just don’t want to be cross associated with that confederacy of dunces. You see, it’s easy to get interviews. But if I’ve never liked an easy lay, why would I want to steal a quick moment in time from anybody.

To get the interview is quite simple and I’ll break it down into the two easy ways:

Approach A: You get in contact with booking agents and the promoters, then set something up. Now this involves having somewhat of a pre-established reputation. 26 share of whatever market you’re in (shop talk) and probably picking up the tab at an expensive meal or setting up something stupid, yet interesting for your interviewee to do. Yes, it helps if you know people, but expending your resources for a five minute skeeball game with DJ What His Name doesn’t always pan out. Plus, making a name for yourself as a media fly, buzzing around anything that smells good, strikes you out of the next tactic.

Approach B: Backstage/ After / Impromptu Interview: This usually involves two things; once again knowing the people involved, and knowing the vice of the artist your interviewing. Not everybody likes drugs and not everybody likes sex, but usually it’s one or the other. So either you track down what they’re into; weed, coke, men, women, all the above (aka the Rocky Horror) or Booze, and bring it with you as homage. Most people love the drinky-drink. Now the second part to this is that you have to be charming and you have to entrench yourself with them. Here comes the hard part; if your skimming off the top and taking private moments, most likely unguarded situations, and publishing them, then that makes you the worst of all, the Snitch. It’s one thing if you just walk up to an artist, early at a show and be like, “Let me buy you a drink.”. If you pull a pad and a pen and hit the recorder app on your phone, you’ll see their face droop faster than a Palsy victim’s. Sure, their feelings might get hurt, because nobody likes to think their being used; and might just politely decline or give you a halfhearted interview. Now if you publish that picture of y’all doing a rail off a midget with the band or post some saucer eyed response when you asked the MCs about the state of Hip-Hop, you’re in for another shit-storm. Nobody will trust you again, ever. You’ll become a pariah and your reputation will be ruined. And there’s one thing you can’t ever lose a hold of, no matter how grand your aspirations, it’s a good rep.

You see; I’m currently in the shitty grey area; right in between A and B. I have enough strength to get the conversation; but with enough trust that I might just end up being a liaison to promotion company and just running the act back and forth to the hotel and airport. More so; I have pharmaceutically enhanced pictures with that night’s headliner that I can’t share. Plenty of them, to be more specific. They’re in my Chuck Berry folder, next to the other “good time” videos. I, also, have a knack for remembering very worthwhile conversations. I won’t post them up either though, why? Because I’m not most people. Most people just want to be known as the guy who partied with such and such. They post it all on their social media outlets; because they want to taste that limelight so bad that their licking at the air around the acts.

This Week’s Music

As always, if you put up with my shit, I give you some free music. Cause I loves ya.

The Reactivitz – The Future of Techno

Usually, I get my Electro fix out of France nowadays. This song isn’t necessarily Electro, but it definitely lifts some of the center qualities. I’m even inclined to call this Big Room, just because of that driving line. Still, its better classified under Progressive for the most part. These two cousins from Lyon have a good number of mixes and releases. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them. However, my French is more than rusty. It’s basically Silent Hill right now. If it wasn’t I’d be able to tell you more about them.

Youan – We Back Em

Eton Messy does a monthly free download from one of their artists. This bass heavy, deep house track has good composition, except for the fact that when that Clipse sample pops up, I can hear the background vocal on it. Now this doesn’t happen on my good headphones. When I put the sound cancelers on, the bass and even good speakers cover it up. But on my Buy One, Get One Frees (Ultimate Tangle Editions), I hear that misplaced vocal. However it’s just a blemish, and I still enjoy Youan’s creation.

Toxic Avenger – Toxic is Dead (Todd Edwards Remix)

Recently, I went on a real Electro binge, after some good shows randomly played though my area. So I made a revisit to some of my favorite artists and this Vocal Chop, Funk House orchestra came out. Todd Edwards is interesting in his own right, with seemingly precision plays on word cuts. This added a little bit of Jukestep to spice it up and make it completely different from the original.

Daedelus – Clouds (Snorlax Remix)

This was some sort of find. First, let’s get this out of the way. If it sounds like an 8-bit Breakbeat video game soundtrack, that’s because it is. Interestingly enough, Daedelus made the original soundtrack (OST) for the video game in question, Nidhogg. It’s a pixelated fencing duel, with above par mechanics and a dragon that eats you if you lose the match. This remix came from an Excitebike hop happy creator named Snorlax. His cloud is full of cool old video game samples.

But you really want to know why I don’t interview people, don’t you? It’s because I want to keep my anonymity and confidentiality. Way before I toured those years, I worked in Austin and got a gig during some classes at bars. I never understood why they needed security for classes; until I saw what they were doing. The people that hired me, were teaching poor, lonely dudes how to pick up the most beautiful women in the bar. I, on the other hand, learned how to defuse the alpha males; usually knuckle dragging behind those types of ladies. Even if I was just working, I was thrown into preposterous situations, involving the famous and infamous alike. Yet, it was the perfect situation to level up. It was also because of them, that I never faltered over those years on the road. I could report on every fading star’s overdose, whom I resuscitated. I could tell you about which punk ass movie star I nearly got into a fist fight with because I wouldn’t let him use a broken, deathtrap of an elevator. I should recount the tale of the rapist I captured at a major sports championship and how that lead to me making out with a red lipped national spokeswomen. But it was those moments that gave the viewpoint from which I stand. If I wasn’t able to randomly converse with a fan and an idol alike, then I couldn’t have never helped the people that I have. I’d be too busy trying to cash in with what I’ve heard. If I had to use the social techniques, taught to me by Project Austin, I would never appreciate a real moment with anybody, even less with somebody whose art I love. I’d just be another fool trying to make a name for himself. If it wasn’t for that spark, I could have never lived the life that I have lived so far. Sometimes, all you need is a little light to be able to bring it all into perspective.

Next Week: You know what I hate…

Raul Chacon is a self-aware douchebag, who only listens to bands you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week, instead of class. Eventually, he became as a touring security and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been too; but there’s too many holes in his brain at this point.

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