New Song, New World #03

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Summer is exciting for a couple of reasons.

First, you’ve got your festivals. There’s the big ones like Tomorrow Land, Tomorrow World, Mystery Land, Ultra, Electric Forest, Coachella…I could go on and on.

As the years pass, more big name contenders toss their hat in the ring, all at a chance at your time, your money and a hole in your summer festival punch card.

You’ve also got the smaller festivals – the Astral Harvest’s, the Shambhala’s… the smaller hyped, lesser known dockets that still bring the same community of people over and over. With these ones, you haven’t completely lost the direct connection between the artists and the fans.

At these festivals, even after you’ve been separated you can still find your friends in the crowd.

You can still do a bathroom run in under 15 minutes.

You can even buy lunch and a water bottle without breaking the bank.

Summer brings with it good vibes, good times and most importantly good weather.

Summer also brings with it the need to say no to second helpings and late night McDonald’s runs… all because you know you’ll be wearing minimal clothing at all the festivals we mentioned above.

Summer increases the socially acceptable level of hours spent inebriated by at least two. Summer gives the OK to patio beers at any given point during the week and MOST importantly, summer says “hey man, it’s alright if you’re missing Monday at work, its hot outside and that sunshine isn’t going to be around forever.”

Or maybe that’s just a Canadian thing.

But I think the most important thing that summer does for us, besides all the festivals, fun, beer, and babes, is that it makes us seek out music to match the sunshine-like vibes that we feel deep inside.

There’s nothing better than hitting the beach with some friends and knowing that you’ve got some really amazing tunes in your repertoire to play.

It doesn’t matter if it’s throwing the baseball around to some dynamite beats, or crushing a patio pop to a brand new remix… When the music you’re listening to is synchronized with those heat waves, you know you’ve found the real reason why you love the summer time.

So, as this season has almost completely metamorphosed from spring into summer, allow me to share with you a couple of tunes that get me feeling this time of year inside and out.

It’s all about that bounce, those hooks and lyrics that get you really digging the weather, digging your friends and digging the spice of the sunshine.

9. Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

Such an obvious choice, Lorde’s reign continues to grow. Flume’s characteristically bouncy synthesizers only serve to further Tennis Court’s already strong vocals. Flume and Lorde are both artists that I’d definitely love to see this summer.

8. Above & Beyond – Sticky Fingers

Above & Beyond continue to knowingly explore and develop the progressive side of trance and deep house. Sticky Fingers is no exception. It’s out now on Beatport and I predict it will be a huge track for A&B as they make their way across the festival circuit.

7. Zeds Dead – Lost You ft. Twin Shadow

It’s that deep house undertone and those groovy vocals that had me hooked.

6. Cazette – Sleepless ft. The High

Explore Cazette this summer, I think you’ll be delightfully surprised.

5. OuKast – Roses (Phillip H. & Jonson Remix)

If not for the fact alone that OutKast is touring this summer, or because this remix rejuvenates an already timeless classic. I chose this for the very fact alone that it makes me want to party, regardless of day or time.

4. ZHU – Faded

Zhu is doing huge things right now and is definitely a producer you want to keep an eye on. This track gets you moving, even if you are feeling faded.

3. Kill The Zo – Part 1

Another dynamic partnership that’s on tour this summer, Kill the Noise and Mat Zo have fused their unique sounds together for an exciting and distinct tune with Part 1.

2. Ender – Be Mine

Just a spicy tune with a solid deep house vibe. I really enjoyed this one on my patio last weekend.

1.Groundislava – Feel The Heat feat. Rare Times

This track had me vibing out for days when I first heard it. He does a really good remix of Drake’s “Hold On, Were Going Home” as well.

Don’t grow stagnant in your musical selections this season. When the leaves fall, let the old tunes fall away with them. When spring is sprung and rain begins to drop, let your ears titillate with new sounds and melodies. And when summer comes knocking at your door, choose the right tunes to answer the call.

These are just a couple of my selections, but producers like Ender, Flume, ZHU and Cazette are all people you’re going to want to look out for this summer. Cheers to that.

Article by: Kassie Mitchell

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