Sometimes I Get Hungry #18



You know what I hate? When people talk about Prada and don’t realize it’s a religious term. Materialism is all good and shit; but sometimes there’s a bigger meaning underneath it all. You know what else I hate? People who talk about nothing but happiness. I want to be happy. I deserve to be happy. I need to be happy. Bitch, you should be ecstatic you don’t live in a warzone with bullets flying through your kitchen window during breakfast. If you think your existential quarter life crisis is bad, think about how it would be if you had to walk miles just to get a drink of MRSA flavored water. You know what I hate above the uninvolved and the unappreciative? The greedy fools who are perverting our culture of music, with placation through stereotypes and enflaming of clichés.

I couldn’t give a fuck about how much money one artist makes over another. Using that excuse to determine what music you listen to means you’re probably stupid enough to buy the most expensive bottled waters. We all know that the easiest way to filter the stupid from the rest of the world is through money or sex. So, if your part of the culture, that promotes the causal and self-interested over the talented and the innovative, then you’re as daft as a poised animal who makes a phone call and asks, “Who’s this?” before introducing themselves or even saying Hello.

Another thing I hate, people who are into Above and Beyond’s acoustic album. Four years ago they were all about Tiesto, then Armin Van Buuren, now this one album? That’s all you have. Even Huey Lewis had two good albums. “Sports” and that other one that Patrick Bateman loved so much. Maybe I’m into Soulwax’s Nite Versions; but the consolation is that I’m into a band that toured around the world, playing the entire album live; not just few times and for MTV of all people… You know what that reminds me of that I hate? That Neon Paint Parties are just blatant attempts to cash in on your Nickelodeon nostalgia. Sure, it looked cool on Double Dare and Wild-N-Crazy Kidz, but if you’re stupid enough to pay for something that was the punishment for fucking up an obstacle course, and not winning a badass Huffy, then I got a festival ticket for you. Mr. Frosty from Pete and Pete and Omek from Adventures of the Hidden Temple headline some Daft Punk covers, with one sided shaved head DJ Helga Pataki and the long awaited Swedish House Rugrats Reunion.

You know what else I hate? The fucking followers that come to the defense of the people corrupting our culture. I’m glad to see that bullying P.S.A.s are really making a difference. Too bad strength in numbers don’t mean collective eloquence. They use the fallen arguments about not caring about genres and P.L.U.R.; but are the first to bring up their musical age when losing ground on a discussion. “Nah, bro I was into the Chicago 87-88 scene, or Berlin 96-97 Techno, or Manchester in 02-03, when it was called Progressive House.” I don’t give a fuck, son.” If you’re going to be a part of this culture; learn something beyond your little Nerf playpen of rehearsed answers, just for simple courtesy. Instead of just throwing tracks or keywords out there, pretending to know the entire catalogue, inform people that you don’t either care or know. We know you don’t like to use labels, not because it scares people away, but because you want to leave yourself as open to as many gigs as possible. I don’t know what I hate more; a fool who constantly bullshits about their favored style to get more work, or the one who can’t communicate in simple terms to warn folks about looking into a dead end artist. You know what I do appreciate though? When you tell me “So and so made this one badass Electro/Techno/Whatever track but plays nothing but Witchhouse/Future/ Whatever else sets.” Thank you very much for the song share, while at the same time giving me a precursor of what the music ahead might have.

This Weeks Music:

We got some names I never imagined that would be in this little weekly of mine, but I never deny a good track and leave the opinion up to y’all. As always, the tracks are free for download. Make sure you go to last week’s article and download the ones you liked, because they are only earmarked for certain download space. This week, we start with a little Vinyl Porn.

 Bromance #15 – Trances (Deluxe) featuring Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom

Just saw Louisahhh!!! two weeks ago and was interested to catch up on the rest of the Bromance crew. Then I saw this five track, twelve inch, 180 gram preorder. “Nightclubbing” and “Rough & Tender” are the usual brand of dark electro loveliness, but then there’s the Dave Clarke remix. Just listen to it. I immediately started listening to old “I Love Techno” sets after I heard this track. For those who don’t know who Dave Clarke is, you’re welcome. Pre-order this, now.

Aucan/The Toxic Avenger – Chase II (Aucan Reimx)

Last week; I featured a Toxie remix, but that bit of sunshine is nothing like the punishing brutality of this Techno Electro beast. This is a sobering reminder of how people on the dance floor can turn on itself if you aren’t careful, and how quickly Techno can get really hard just by losing its lovely edge. But I’m the type that likes to hear lions roaring out your location while on safari, and not seeing the ones pacing back and forth in a cage. Same goes for my music.

Stephan Jacobs/R3had and Deorro – Flashlight (Stephan Jacobs Remix)


How do I go about this? Big Arena Dubstep isn’t in my usual realm of cravings. Albeit, this does start out atypical, the formula reverses on itself, going from big box mainstream drops to a more reserved silent step near the end. Being able to salvage and task such a controlled measure out of the frantic, over the top base, truly showcases the talent in Stephan Jacobs.

Brenmar feat. Calore – Payroll (Byrell The Great Remix)

High End Times Volume 1 showcases a ton of great remixes, if you’re into that Club Bass, Moombahton Jams. Vol. 1 is full of clap tracks with memorable vocal styling’s. I just picked this one because I remember Calore from either Harry Ax or Ben Mono tracks. Still doing research on which, but I know that all of High End Times is free for download.

Worthy – I Get

Now if you into more of that Dirty Bird flavor of Booty Bass, Annie Mac released this one on her Free Music Mondays. It’s my job to inform you that you should get on the mailing list for that one. As for the track, the drum heaviness conceals a plot twist right in the center of the song. That hidden reverb filter is the kicker for me.

Basenji/ Sable – Foolin (Basenji Remix)

Part Future-Kawaii, part Uplifting-Trance module, part Cheery Dubstep. At least, the sentiment underneath. The influences of both the artists are very noticeable, but the ending waves out. I actually really love this ending, it opts to nurture a melody as the traditional, wait for the next transition sync up mentality.

Maxo X Jonathan – Nice Feelings

We’re going to get a little 8-bit funky. If I wanted to say Synth, Synth, Synth, you’d probably understand; but there’s bits and pieces from all sort of forms. Some touches of pre-explosion Trap and playful groove is chill dopeness. Rounding up the final movement, it transitions to textured Drum and Bass, of course still in this pretext.

Mat Zo feat. The Knocks- Get Down 2 Get Up

Mat Zo on my weekly? Some said they never thought the day would come. Well I’m sorry it had to be on a Knocks collaboration, but you can’t deny that Disco, baby. I love to see variability in an artist’s style and I’m glad that some people aren’t just one genre ponies. The beat is infectious. The middle very obviously speaks up, which means somebody was in the mood to mix out. Still, if Zo would stop trying to push the tempo so much, forcing it away from the late 90’s House formula, it would be a quite appeasing.

This isn’t a call to morality. This isn’t some transcendent truth that I’m throwing out there. This is a call to reality, with the simplest of human truths; survival. If you are in a burning building (or a culture for this matter); I know you will choose that bone breaking option of a leap of faith. Why? Because there’s a chance to live, even in a broken body. Go with the suffocating smokescreens of propaganda and you’ll just get mixed into eventual cinders of popular demand. The people I’m talking to, the people who read this article, are smart enough to know that nobody is coming to save them or their culture. We have to save it ourselves to be able to save the music.

Next Week: What’s In the box?????

Raul Chacon is a self-aware douchebag, who only listens to bands you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week, instead of class. Eventually, he became as a touring security and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been too; but there’s too many holes in his brain at this point.

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