Take Me Away #08

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Swirling in the dog days of summer are the sounds of of bliss. Sunshine is punishing those that brave the heat. Summer rains bring an electrically charged sky and water evaporates with a sizzle as it touches the ground. Skin is glistening in the sun as the heat causes bodies to sweat. Endless days drift away and the music plays and serves as a backdrop to this time that we exist in, the now, we live in it, breathe in it, this hour, this is all there is.

The summer days are a beautiful time of year and it feels like the time just goes on and on. I love looking for new music in the summer and usually I do so by going to music festivals and listening to anything I haven’t heard before. This year however, I am engaging in music scouting with a keyboard and mouse. I am staying inside away from those deathly high temperatures and drinking cold beer whilst I find new tunes from artists I have never heard of.

One of the artists that I have been listening to on repeat is Tokimonsta. Her latest album titled “Half Shadows” came out last year on Ultra Records and I have been listening to her ever since. Tokimonsta is also known as Jennifer Lee and she is from the wonderful city of Los Angeles. Her music is chill and is reminiscent of Dj Shadow during his peak around the “Endtroducing” album era. Tokimonsta’s sound is ambient, with nice bass lines. It all reminds me of why I love finding new music. One of my current favorite tracks of hers is “Darkest Dim” off of her latest EP “Creature Dreams”.


Another artist who is definitely worth listening to and hearing more from is Jezika. Her music can be found on the old social media platform known as Myspace and it can also be found on last.fm. There is no information about whether or not she has an album or is tied to any music label. Other than her music, there is very little information about her. Her work shows great promise and I hope to hear more from her as time goes on. It sounds like glitch mixed with up-tempo electronica. There wasn’t any links to her music directly but I highly recommend that you visit her Myspace page or her last.fm page and check out my personal favorite track of hers “Dancing with Death”.

The last musician I found, I decided to write about because it reminds me of how and when I got into electronic music. I remember there was a new kid who had just started at my high school and he was constantly made fun of because of the way he dressed and the music he listened to. He was from Los Angeles and he really liked to listen to Techno, hardcore and jungle and drum and bass. He wore a lot of colorful clothes and had lots of Kandi. The same people that used to chastise him, laughing at the way he dressed and what kind of music he listened to, are the people who populate many dance music festivals today. To make a long story short, his taste in music helped me expand my horizons and I started to really get into Drum and Bass. Drum and Bass is filled with energy and Dj Flight’s music is no different. His music reminds me of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It feels good to reminisce about a time when I didn’t have the worries I do today. I found out about Dj Flight by searching through mixcloud. she is from the old country, Britain, London. She is a club dj and radio dj as well. Although she isn’t listed on the Evolution Artists website as one of their label’s own, soundcloud does state to forward any booking inquiries to their website. This particular mix of hers, is one that I felt was fun to listen to. I appreciate it taking me back to a simpler time.

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Article by: Gabriel Barrio



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