Take Me Away #09

take me away new art 3 (red gray)


The music industry is a strange and fickle market. It exists less as an outlet for creative people to thrive and supply the world with art, but exists more as an extended arm of the capitalist’s marketing machine to keep a docile populace. Each song on the radio is carefully selected by men and women in board rooms that market test music to ensure maximum popularity, and when a song is made perfect before the eyes of the board room members; it is neatly packaged for sale and consumption to the greater population of the music industry’s consumer demographic. Each track, sound, vocal layer, and beat is tested tried to make sure that not only radio music directors will appreciate the music, but that it will be easily digested by the consumer. Each step of the music making industry is fueled by the love of money and its power and less by the artistic expression of the artist.

This being said, it is extremely confusing when one ultra-talented artist would want to submit their work to another artist that is notably less talented and receive a paycheck rather than the notoriety from the art itself. By this point you might be wondering what sort of point can be made by any of this ranting and raving. The point is that a particular favorite artist of mine recently recorded a track that was intended for pop music diva Rihanna, when it was rejected; the original artist decided to keep the track and record it for herself and release it herself. I am glad that even though the temptations of the industry approach even our most beloved icons, there is still the chance that music industry will frown upon some creations. Sometimes they are unleashed upon the world by the artist themselves, in order to display their art publicly, that would otherwise would have been rejected and sent into obscurity.

The track I am talking about is titled “GO” by Grimes, it features Blood Diamonds and it has an incredible Dubstep breakdown in the track. Yes that old pesky sub-genre of electro music rears its head and shows that it hasn’t been lost to the ages quite yet, some artists can make it palatable and tasteful. I for one am very happy that the ultra-diva Rihanna refused this track and that Grimes was able to release it as her own work, under her own name. Please take the time to listen to the track and feel free to argue with me about whether or not you would want Rihanna performing this rather than my beloved Grimes.

Article by: Gabriel Barrio



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