Take Me Away #10

take me away new art 2


Every morning my eyes open to see the blank ceiling above me, I am slowly peeled away from the land of fairies where everything is magic, I am forced into the realm where enchantment is lost and every heartbeat, every breath, every second is filled with an awareness of being away from home. I walk upright, each step is a step away from where I want to be, where everything makes sense in some surrealist utopian fantasy. The moments of the day blur together as the sun moves from one end of the sky to the other. I am awaiting the moment when my eyelids will shutter out all of the hate, greed, pain, and poison again. I lie in wait, for beauty to return.

There are moments within this bleak existence that steal away the soul from its shell and take it someplace else. To the place where everything is in divine order and life is pure bliss. Sometimes this happens during these drab days and it’s a recognition of the soul being alive, and these moments are triggered by some overwhelming presence. This presence takes its form from the frequency of light and love. This experience comes from the music of the brilliant artist that goes by the name of Noosa.

Noosa is comprised of one single person by the name of Sky. Her music is self described as “Fairy pop”. The vocals are powerful and are reminiscent of other strong female vocalists such as Lana Del Rey or Sarah McLachlan. Although her voice can be seen as similar to these other female vocalists; her range, style and pitch deserve their own attention and applause. Noosa hails from Long Island, New York and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


One of my particular favorite tracks from Noosa is “Wildfire” off of the Wonderland LP. All that I can say about every one of her tracks is that they are beautifully done and definitely music I want in my life.

It was just a few short days ago that I found the track titled “Walk On By” and ever since then its been part of my daily playlist. I cannot stop listening to her voice, taking me away from the reminders of everyday life and placing me in that same realm from where her art is drawn from.

As the sun makes its daily disappearing act over the horizon, the music backdrop is more beautiful than the experiences of the day. Even though the light is fading quickly, Noosa’s music radiates enough light and elegance to keep the night as beautiful as the day. Aural bliss is something rare but when its found it always manages to move the soul.




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