Duecrop – Olsanka [Out NOW on Beatport!]

olsanka (blog)


Electro House is a style of electronic dance music that has taken the scene by storm. As a result, producers from all over the globe are manipulating sounds evermore creatively for the love of Electro. Italian producer and DJ, Duecrop, is doing just that. With his Big-Room elements and dirty Electro roots, he’s surely a name to look out for in the coming months.

His new single “Olsanka” sticks true to the genre with massively energetic sounds. “Olsanka” begins with a mean kick and a hard melody to compliment; a truly unique melody that captivates the listener into those massive sounds. The initial build-up is a clever one that continually brings the listener in until the final moments of the drop.

With a release meant for any festival, the drop gives us that rush of electronic endorphins. Not too quickly after, the song breaks down into an even more massively sounding drop and an equally intense electronic rush.Electro House has taken over and whether it’s dirty Electro or Big-Room, Duecrop has the sound you’re looking for. Check out his massive style with the new release “Olsanka.”


Article by: Chris Vasquez



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