Take Me Away #11

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As a heat wave hits this city and sweat pours down my face, I get into my car. I turn the ignition and turn to a certain radio station. Not to really enjoy what the station is playing, but just to see how the industry is failing. Listening to the latest tracks of commercial radio-electro and fake hip-hop, mainstream rap that just turns my stomach and just like that I turn the radio back off and put in a cassette tape or hook up my iphone because only hipster music or something classic can erase the hate that I have for the trash I was subjected to.

Another rant, another day, another reason not to listen to radio airplay. Having to stomach what the music industry does and doesn’t do is something that is stressful as a music fan, especially when it comes to how people think, what they consider art, or what they listen to. It isn’t just about performers masquerading as artists but its more about the airwaves being flooded with music that isn’t a truly perfected artistic craft. All of my musician friends will understand what I mean when they listen to what is on the radio versus what they work on for months in order to produce a quality artistic track.

One thing that has particularly got under my skin, is how suddenly there is a female genre of hip-hop/rap and who is being touted as the new queen of hip-hop. First things first, she is not the realest. There is a long line of amazing female MC’s that blessed the microphone, and even though I am a personal fan of Iggy Azalea; she is the furthest thing from the new queen of Hip-hop.

First lets examine the difference between hip-hop and rap. MF Doom is hip-hop, Jay-Z is rap. Lil Kim is rap, Jean Grae is hip-hop. Now that genre has been established feel free to guess which one Iggy Azalea falls under??!! Now if we are going to talk about a multitalented female artist that has come up from seemingly out of nowhere to claim the title of the queen of hip-hop only one name should enter your mouth or be printed on the page. That name is Angel Haze. Her real name is Raykeea Angel Wilson, she is a young up and comer and is from Detroit, Michigan.


She is from the capital of crumbling American metropolitan infrastructure and her rise to fame is similar to that of Lil Wayne. After many mixtapes that garnered more and more attention, the budding artist she released her full length LP “Dirty Gold” on Island Records. One of her most critically acclaimed tracks off of her album is “Battle Cry” featuring the ever popular Sia.

Angel Haze has clear potential to be the next biggest thing in the music industry, now whether or not she wants that; is up to her. She could take the route of the independent musician/artist and fight for everyone of her fans. Garnering a true organic fan base and not a radio influenced one that is bought by a suitcase filled with money and a group of record label executives. Either way, Angel Haze is the real deal. If there is any question as to whether or not she has true hip-hop lyricism and talent; watch her freestyle video “Shit I Don’t Like” and see why Angel Haze is the new Queen of Hip-Hop!

Article by: Gabriel Barrio



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