Last To The Party #04

chet-Faker-2 (blog)

When it comes to summer, I’m a hopeless romantic.

I make up the most ridiculously perfect scenarios and then watch them play out in real time in my mind.
I envision these perfect summer nights where friends toast their Champaign flutes against the backdrop of a beautifully cascading sunset. Radiant oranges and vibrant reds dance off the crisp edges of the water’s surface, everyone erupting into simultaneous laughter.

I imagine lovers sprawled in grassy fields, hands intertwining as they enjoy the gentle caress of the evening’s breeze.
Ridiculous, right? You’d think my mind lives inside a poorly written harlequin novel but no, I’m just an overly emotional female with a vivid imagination.

I even daydream about those flawless moment we all have during summer festivals. When you close your eyes and let the music wash over you just as the sun begins to set. It’s that pristine moment in time where music, weather and emotion are all perfectly intertwined.

But as much as I’d like to believe that summertime is all rainbows and butterflies, Champaign flutes and romance, I remember it’s not. There’s another side to summer that’s a lot less romantic than the picturesque one I’ve just painted. Although we’d like to think that Instagram portrays an accurate picture of our lives, deep down we know that every day isn’t #drinksonapatio or #weekendsatthelake. Sometimes summer means doing our jobs underneath the menacing glare of that yellow-bodied beast we call the sun.

Sometimes it means sticky nights spent tossing and turning, trying to find comfort in the suffocating humidity of the night. Summer can mean gargantuan mosquitoes with blood-thirsty eyes. It can mean sweaty faces, smelly bodies and sun burns so bad you find yourself praying for certain death.

In my head I imagine the smell of freshly cut grass or the mouth-watering aroma of barbequed burgers milling around the neighbourhood. But sometimes the smells of the summer aren’t as sweet. It can be your slightly grotesque desk partner who doesn’t wear deodorant, regardless of the heat. It can be the smell of lotion exuding off your body, lotion that was only applied in the first place as a desperate attempt to nurse your skin-ravishing sun burn.

Sure, we’d all love to believe that this season brings with it love, carefree days and romantic summer nights. But sometimes it’s just sweaty afternoons in our cubicle at work.

So if you’re feeling like your summer is sweatier than sweet, allow me to suggest something, or rather someone that just might help.
Chet Faker is the man and musician you’ve been waiting for.

I was supposed to enjoy his sweet melodies at Sasquatch this May and I’m still beside myself that I missed him. His rhythms are sexy, his voice soulful and divine and he’s pushing out fresh new beats that keep my ears totally enthralled. Included in one of these new releases is ‘On You,’ his collaboration with aspiring rapper GoldLink, released earlier this week.

Just like always, I’ve linked a few of his best tracks below. I’ve included some personal favorites that I think perfectly encapsulate those romantic (and possibly unrealistic) daydreams I have this time of year.

Chet Faker might just have the ability to transport you to wherever you want to go to this summer, at least in your imagination.
Trapped at work? Toss on ‘Gold’ and close your eyes.

Can’t fall asleep because of the heat? Choose ‘1998’ for your troubles.

Work and responsibility doesn’t stop just because the sun comes out. Even though it may seem like it has for everyone else… #sunbathingsaturdays #daytriptothebeach

So if you find yourself daydreaming at work and wishing you were outside, press play on a little Chet Faker. I think I have most of my romantic musings when I’m listening to his sultry voice anyways. And hey, when you finally do get to that patio, beach, cabin or vacation you’ve been dreaming of, Chet will sound even better there too.

Article by: Kassie Mitchell



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