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Getting lost in the musical array of aural pleasures, is my minds delight. My musical exploration weaves in and out of many a wide variety of twists and turns. In my quest for musical exploration, I meet forks in the road, turnstiles and a dizzying variety of exits and on-ramps. All of which are leading me to find different artists, traverse different avenues. Ultimately to arrive at a location where great and fantastic music is found. Sometimes I find music that fits into only a single genre, other times I find music that crosses genre, bending conventions and challenging the audience to rethink their antiquated conceptualizations into more modern ones that include artists that have a wide and eclectic background.

The artist on spotlight is none other than the impressively talented Kate Simko. Many people might listen to her music and simply write her off as an electronic musician. This couldn’t be more insulting or untrue. As stated by her personal website; she comes from Chicago and from that very musical city she has developed herself as an electronic musician, a film composer, performer and DJ. She has traveled internationally, making quite a name for herself. She has training in Jazz Piano, Classical Piano, and even studied composition in Santiago Chile.

take me away 8-10-14

Chile is the birth of her debut album in which she recorded with Andres Bucci, the album is titled, “Shapes of Summer” and was released on Traum Records. She boasts an admirable output of recordings and has even done a remix of Phillip Glass’s “Houston Skyline”. She is now a post graduate student in London studying Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music. It is no wonder her music has a certain audio aesthetic that very few other artists have.

One of her tracks that is exceptionally noteworthy is titled, “Closer” Featuring Jem Cooke, off of her EP Lost In London. The track is a pleasure to listen to and develops nicely, you are struck with heavenly vocals that carry you through the entire track. Watch, listen and fall in love.

Another track of Kate Simko’s is not exactly what one might call “Dance Music”, however, it is a work of art in its own right and was used as a film score for the film titled “The Atom Smashers”. The track is featured below, its entrancing and is titled, “Random Universe”. Listen and get lost in Kate Simko’s world of music.

This talented young lady has many great things ahead of her in her already established career. I for one look forward to hearing more from her, and I would hope that after this article you are anxiously awaiting her next project as much as I am.


Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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