4 Things To Remember At Your Next Music Festival

4 things to remember



Most of us will be heading to some type of music festival this summer. Whether it’s embedded in a larger trip, like a journey across continents to check out Tomorrowland or the pinnacle of the trip itself i.e. a weekend downtown at your cities local music venue, you’re going to have the time of your life.

There’s a lot to remember when it comes time to pack. Costumes, food, money, outfits, camping supplies, tickets, passports, vouchers, bus passes, dancing shoes, sunglasses, signs…The list goes on and on… Eventually we’ll all get it done and we’ll probably forget half the stuff we think we need anyways.

In the end though, it doesn’t really matter. You’ll be beside the friends that committed to be there with you and you’ll be hearing your favorite jams live. The feelings these moments create are the reasons why we buy our tickets in the first place.

The day this article will be posted, I will have just finished rocking out at Shambhala Musical Festival and will be making my way to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert (also known as The Playa) for Burning Man.  I’ll be a third-year explorer at the Shambhala farm and a first-year novice at Burning Man.

There’s a lot of material items I will have packed for my adventure, each thing significant in its own right. But I wanted to make mention of some important things that don’t belong in your suitcase. Rather, their ideas to keep in mind once you’ve arrived at your destination and you’re ready to go.

Now I’m not diminishing the importance of being prepared. Being self-reliant is king when it comes to ensuring you have a great time. I’m referring to a couple of things you can do once you get there that’ll help you and your friends make it a festival to remember.

1. Pick up after yourself

You’re going to be crushing waters, eating snacks, and buying merchandise. All of these things come with some type of garbage, be it plastic wrap, encasing, tags, whatever. Find a garbage can. Place your trash within that can and encourage your friends to do the same. Mother Nature has so graciously provided us with some of the most jaw-dropping, breath-taking landscapes that one can imagine and we get to experience the time of our lives within them. Respect that, respect the earth and do your part by being clean.

2. Respect a Sense of Community

I don’t mean this in the – holding-of-hands, singing Kumbaya, sharing your warm egg-salad sandwich with the sweaty stranger beside you – kind of way. It simply means looking out for your fellow man. Sharing water with someone who looks like their three-fist pumps away from sun stroke could maybe save their life.

It could be as simple as including someone in your dance circle, lending a hand when you see that it’s needed or even just walking with a friend to the bathroom. Just imagine every single person having an amazing time. No lonely moments, just feelings of love and inclusion. Now that’s a radical idea.

3. Moderation is key

I think this is one of those things that most of us will preach till were blue in the face and there’s always going to be that one guy/girl who crosses the line. I don’t know what it is that makes us think that the more inebriated we get, the better our time is going to be. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.

I’ve missed DJ’s and bands I’ve waited months to see only because I was too busy throwing up my ten-dollar hot dog from the night before. A couple cold beers to wet the palette and lubricate your social situation is never a bad idea, if that’s your jam. But if you think slamming shots and taking goodies from strangers is the ticket to a night you’ll never forget, you’re definitely wrong. In fact, you probably won’t remember anything, at least until the morning when you’ll eventually open your eyes and realize that the apocalypse is happening within your own skull.

And last, but certainly not least…

4. Put your phone away

Nothing is more brutal than watching someone so engrossed in their phone in the middle of the crowd that they don’t even realize the spectacular production that’s going on around them. Take a couple pics and even some shaky-ass videos, but when you’re done, PUT IT AWAY. Experience your friendships on a whole different level. Enjoy the weather, soak up the music and go on a journey of self-discovery.

You can hit up your Instagram and Facebook accounts later, when you’re in your tent at the END of the night. Who spends that kind of money to stand in a crowd and double tap photos anyways? Don’t be that guy.

And above everything else; be safe and have fun. No matter what festival it is or who you’re going with, you’re going to have an amazing time if you want to. Send out those good vibes and soak up the love. There’s more than enough for everyone.

Article By: Kassie Mitchell



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