Take Me Away #17

take me away new art 3 (red gray)


Follow me, as we take a trip, backwards through time. Yesteryear is something just around the bend and the sounds couldn’t be any lovelier. It feels like being a teenager again, it feels like an era I didn’t live in, it feels like nostalgia has me locked into this inescapable realm. The clouds are shedding their tears and the memories of days gone past are returning, I feel them so much more than I ever have before.

The sounds of freedom and beauty are something that I understand as an aspect of youth. The days of being young, where everything was somehow seen as simpler, even if it wasn’t simple. It sure does seem that way at times. I remember a time when even the most stressful day wasn’t anything compared to the force at which the world crushes the human spirit today. Maybe it is all relative, but what’s redeeming is the sounds that take me back, Take Me Away, to that place where I’ve always wanted to be.

The music that has me feeling some type of way is none other than the offerings of Angus and Julia Stone. Their sound could be considered to be parallel to the likes of The White Stripes or even The Velvet Underground. They have just released their latest self-titled album, “Angus and Julia Stone” on Republic Records. Although this album is a self-titled album, it is most definitely not their first album and not by any means their only album worth listening to.

A track that is notable from their previous release is “Big Jet Plane”. The track was released in 2010 and for some reason the band hasn’t picked up much steam until just recently. This is really one of my personal favorites. There is something that is deathly beautiful about melancholy and vocals that send me into that realm where I understand the music and feel the lyrics.

Although it might make me a bit of a fanboy to say that the entire album is listenable from start to finish, it truly is just that! An album that you want to hear in order and want to hear in its entirety. The first track off of their newest album titled “A Heartbreak”, feels like garage rock from the late 90’s or early 2000’s with an inspired twist.

Angus and Julia Stone are a band that more people need to be talking about. They are doing something that sounds real, that resonates with human emotion, something that sounds simpler than today. They have managed to take me back to places I haven’t visited in years, corners of my mind I haven’t acknowledged for quite some time. I have been brought back to an easier time. It’s beautiful because it is life, in all its genuine and most honest form.

Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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