Take Me Away #18

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It’s late. The stars are flickering in the night sky. You can smell her scent, sweat beads form on your hands as your anticipation grows. Electricity fills the air, charged particles between your body and hers. Tension tightens, skin brushes skin, and in that moment; everything is washed away, a rush of endorphins and oxytocin fills your body, you stand there with heavy breath.

This is the emotive power of sound, it is apparent in music that is intentionally sensual. Rhythm and Blues isn’t the same as it was 1980’s. These days the music is bold, the R&B is pure sex energy, vocals that are carnal, animalistic. Their music videos leave little to the imagination, and their lyrics that are nothing less than hedonistic.

The music that I speak of is from the mostly unheard of artist by the name of BANKS. She is incredibly talented and her debut album titled “Goddess” on Harvest Records is by far the best album from a female vocalist so far this year. If you haven’t heard of BANKS before you are about to experience a sound unlike any other at the moment. Get ready because BANKS is the next star to reach unimaginable fame.

banks (blog)

When trying to choose which song of hers to listen to, you might as well be asking which sexual position you prefer, isn’t the answer always all of the above?! Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to sexualize another female vocalist as the media often does. I am simply reporting on the artistic content of her music as well as being honest about the content of the tracks from her album. All of her music videos have a certain abstract cinema quality to them that makes her music even more interesting. There are strange geometric shapes placed alongside heavenly vocals with synth sounds and heavy bass and drums. In my humble opinion there are very few things that are as beautiful as this.

I will stop gushing and introduce you to my personal favorite track at the moment, “Goddess”. It has heavy bass and serene vocals that are perfect. After this track you will be wondering why you don’t already own her debut album. Listen and swoon.

Having to choose which tracks of hers to highlight is painful and after you are introduced to her music, I hope you would go one step further and read about her, buy her music, and become a genuine fan of hers. The next track I would like you to hear and view is titled “This is What It Feels Like”.

The dark is fading fast from the night sky and as the dawn hints at beginning to break, I turn the music up and get lost again. I could fall in love to these sounds, this is the music that I want to hear as my eyes roll back, gripping sheets, feeling ecstasy.

Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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