Sometimes I Get Hungry #22



Don’t tell me you like every type of music. I’m being serious. I find no other statement as empty and manipulative as that one. Yes, the topic of music is as much as a land mine as religion and politics, but that’s a tough pill to shallow. Every type of music? How is that possible and why do people continue to say this?

Look, I’ll be real honest with you, I can’t stand when people try to play the fences and I’ve been seeing a lot of that lately. People who preach peace and love and then a few days later get excited because a curb stomp the newborn Metal band is coming to town. It’s one thing to listen to something that suits your mood swing of the day; but that’s just a schizophrenic sling shot. How can we take people like this serious? They’re walking right in the middle of the musical street, waiting to be run over by either side of their emotional traffic?

Yes, people like to play the unassuming role, so what? Saying they like everything as to not bring attention to themselves usually means that their hiding something. That they prefer the role complacent appeaser than to actually show us a glimpse into their soul. Even if it’s to evade suggestion or debate, that quite simply means, they value nobody’s opinion or taste. They have no room for growth, their patterns are so deeply straddled down, that not even a masterpiece can touch their molded heart. These are people to look out for. As committed as they are to not rustling any feathers, hollow nods of agreement when somebody puts the same song over and over, they will drop a dime on you; criticizing you at every turn, to everybody they trust. You know why? They act this way because what matters most to them is to be appeased above all else. They’d prefer to sit at a table of glassy stares and pretend to have a good time. Empty laughs through the mask of listening and acceptance is easier to them than to say, “Fuck yea, I love Pantera.” It’s possible that they just think less of everybody at that table. Going into detail about why they loved Reinventing The Steel over Cowboys From Hell is beneath them or goes against their sociopathic goals. They’d rather sit back as a sympathetic ear because it’s the beginning of placation; not the making genuine attempt to connect with others.

Maybe defensiveness is in the picture. Either too much of it or not enough of it. They might not want to get judged by their preferences, or even feel intimidated by the people they are talking to. So what? Sorry to say, but everybody, every day is judging each other on something. We walk down the street and hear people’s radios and say, “Fuck, how can you drive around with that shit playing?” You probably just saw a picture on Facebook and said, ”Damn, that person looks like a straight up fucking bitch.” It’s an uncontrollable reaction, but altogether human. It’s better to have some sense of depth and know that saying “every type of music” means every single kind of music, including the shitty, the unevolved, the ignorant, and the rally cries of unhappy. Instead of being judged by another’s misstep, or every wack piece of trash, every smashed together bit of noise put on record, pick something. They say being a jack of all trades means you don’t really know shit. Same applies for music. Being spread that thin is just as off putting as the roadkill in the middle of the musical avenue or the manipulative pleaser. It means we won’t be able to have a meaningful exchange or to learn something new from one another. It means there has been no time taken to enjoy and experience one of the most telling and distinguishable of all human creations. And if people don’t take the time to truly appreciate music, even if it’s one genre, one song, one melody, are they even human? Why have the choice if it’s not going to be taken? Why live a life without an overture of your own choosing?

This Week In Music There’s Seven Free Downloads, but a couple of these have a ton of extra tunes included, that I couldn’t feature. I’m still checking out the run down on the back log and a lot are fire.

The Presets – No Fun (Lancelot Remix)

If you don’t know about The Presets new album, it came out last month. You should go and check them out.  A lot of it is Synthy Groove Pop, which is quite regular for them. They, however, really fit into this Nu Disco/ House fodder for remixes. This one doesn’t disappoint. They’re touring a lot, so you’ll probably see them, but not in this style. Just a fair warning. Live acts are different than studio folks. But I like the live versions, so you’ll see me there.

The Six – Too Much Love

Really dug this House track, but I didn’t know when to share it with you guys. Since this week went really House heavy, I decided to share. I’ve been hearing people try to play progressively harder and uptempo, but ignoring the chill or dance vibe, which I’ve been disappointed by. Sets grounded in fundamentals may be a must, but sometimes you got to put a little mystique into the sets. Hopefully this serves as a light, an open avenue for a long, deep set. Also, I like how the last line sounded sexual.

Ardalan – Make You A Pie

Now I was put onto the record label, This Ain’t Bristol, by a friend of mine who I slapped around the day before. Something about a birthday and a pink dinosaur. These tracks are funky, deep. Some are more Tech style; but this is definitely a label to keep your eye on. Dance track, great leads, and great return loop.

Dooku – She Drop

You’re going to have to download the track pack to receive these songs, but the rest are bomb anyways. I was originally going to feature two other tracks, but this one just called to me. It’s a bit deeper, slightly progressive, in the older virtues. A lot of effects, funky and with a suggestive vocal and bassline. Your people will love it.

Cece Peniston – Finally (BoeBoe Remix)

Y’all know I like my 90’s remixes. I try to give you one every week. Well BoeBoe is a beast at the bass gens and this rework shows it. Partially Future, Juke, Trap, and even a little Gregorian Monkish, it never goes overboard on the heavy. I’ve been looking for a good remix of “Finally”, and I finally found one (pun definitely intended).

Nelly Furtado/Timbaland – Promiscuous (Dr. Fresch Remix)

Let me give you a sense of my age, I used to play remixes of this track when it was current. Yes, laugh all you want, but I wish I had this banger back in those days. This was before we were all about throwing Tech House around, with soft little breakdowns, which loop back around after an orchestral tick. The isolation works well with the vocal. I can really appreciate the technique in this remix, because I’ve heard so many. Is that a Debbie Deb “Look Out Weekend” sample in the back?

Rubber Bucket- Sound of Erasing (Chrome Sparks Remix)

Goodness, this ethereal, trippy vibe hooks me immediately. The composition is fantastic and magical in some places. I liked it so much, that I went back, listened to the original. Now you know it’s a good remix when you take a listen to the root track.

Next Week: Everything was cooler when it was dangerous.

Raul Chacon is a self-aware douchebag, who only listens to bands you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week, instead of class. Eventually, he became as a touring security and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been too; but there’s too many holes in his brain at this point.


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