Take Me Away #19

take me away new art 1


The parabolic curve that is EDM is observed in the wide acceptance of the genre. Years ago when dance music was in its infancy, you had to know someone who was a DJ, or happen to be part of the crowd that could help you find an underground show or rave just to witness and partake of the burgeoning genre of music. As it has grown exponentially over the years, the genre has twisted, bent, wrapped around obstacles, destroying anything that would try to contain the genre and stop it from its ultimate goal of world domination. As each obstacle and adversity has been removed from the genre’s path, new sub-genres have come about. Creating and molding it into the dynamic and all-encompassing style of music that it is today.

One undeniable aspect of the dance music scene is that it finds other genres and lends a hand to their production quality so that it may too also experience the growing popularity of dance music. One particular sub-genre of the dance music scene is Trap music. It is the perfect blend of hip-hop and dance music. It blurs the line between two different styles of music and creates an energetic wave of sound.

There is an artist that is growing in popularity here in the United States. This artist moves between Electronic music and Hip-Hop with ease. Creating an environment in which he is comfortable to create music that moves his audience. His name is Born Infinite. Born Infinite recently received acclaim from Vibe Magazine for his latest music video titled “Blue”, which was shot and directed by the talented filmmaker Keagan Karnes. If you haven’t heard of Born−just wait. This young man is a veteran of the music scene from his start with conscious Hip-Hop duo by the name of Shambala to the critically acclaimed artist that he is today.

His track titled “Supreme Mathematics” which is produced by Blvck, is definitely worth listening to. I would recommend getting familiar with the name Born Infinite, as well as those that work with him. This track alone displays his lyrical prowess and ability to transcend musical genres. To create music that is worthy of praise but also stays interesting and relevant to two different genres!

Another track that shows why Born Infinite deserves a larger audience and more play is his track titled “Eden” which is also produced by Blvck.

Born Infinite is the next rising star of a widening genre of music. He cannot be contained within one style of music and continues to bring Hip-Hop and EDM new flavor that both musical paths thrive on. Feel free to catch up on all of his music projects at the links below.


Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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