Take Me Away #20

take me away new art 3 (red gray)


Melodies, harmonies, and poetry are abstractions of experiences and emotions that originate from within the human psyche. As soon as a thought or feeling materializes within the brain, it becomes filtered through the person’s entire human experience. Every sound, word, book, film, picture and memory is recalled upon in order to construct the entirety of this newly materializing experience. The words spoken by this person, and heard by this person will filter this actualizing experience like gravel filters rainwater, sounds will wrap around it, whole volumes of books will be referenced, hundreds of thousands of images will be observed by the subconscious while the conscious remains in absentia.

When listening to APigeon, the experience is something extremely similar to that. A new experience evolving and forming with different thoughts, images, sounds, feelings. All of which is swimming through synaptic firings looking for the right receptor to stimulate in order to create a familiarity, something identifiable, something quantifiable so that this experience can be cataloged and stored for later. So that other new art can be understood and related to.

take me away - apigeon

APigeon is something beyond what other artists can even begin to be categorized as, it is ambient, easy listening, alternative, electronica that is soothing but exciting, with vocals that are otherworldly. There isn’t much information about APigeon except that she comes from Montreal, Canada and her album “APigeon Is Born” was recently released this past March. Her music is wondrous and beautiful. Listen to “Moon 5” and hear something entirely different!

Check out this awesome video of hers featuring a live session from Casa Chameleon. Watch the video and become a fan! I promise her music won’t let you down!

Fall into a hazy world of half completed thoughts and abstractions, where emotions and feelings that these sounds resonate with take center stage. Here is where you can stay connected to the beauty of APigeon.


Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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