Weekly Fix (9/22/14 – 9/26/14)

weekly fix

Welcome to the first installment of, “The Weekly Fix”. I know you are probably wondering, “where the f*** is Sometimes I Get Hungry, today is Wednesday!?!?!” The answer is simple, Resident Author Raul Chacon is working on a really amazing 3 part series for you guys, slated to begin next Wednesday. I can promise you one thing, this is going to be one of the most in-depth and downright awesome work since the inception of Sometimes I Get Hungry.

All that aside, you are probably wondering what the hell the “Weekly Fix” is. Weekly Fix is your #1 news source for anything Macro Records. Discover the newest episodes of our Podcast, connect with all the newest content on Macro Records, and stay connected with all the happenings with our Artists. Officially, the Weekly Fix will be coming to you every Friday, exclusively on the Macro Records Blog and our official website. Today however, is the exception. To whet your appetites in absence of Sometimes I Get Hungry, lets kick off our first ever “Weekly Fix”


If you missed our Monday Press Release, the new tune from Downlow’d, “Legendary” is available now, exclusively on Beatport.

>> Buy on Beatport <<


The Macrocast is the official podcast for Macro Records. It’s hosted by label heads Downlow’d + MAD-SIN. They record every Sunday, with the Audio version available Monday on Itunes, and the Video version airing Wednesday on YouTube.

the macrocast - weekly fix - tyler rutter

This week; lots of music and science news. Everything from MOMSAGAINSTEDM to 3D Printers printing replacement organs. The guys welcome special guest and mastermind behind Primal Filth, Tyler Rutter.

If you are into Video Games and Gaming, Buzzpoint is a concise weekly news video all about Video Games. It’s hosted by Macro Records content creator; WATCHoutLOUD. Since this first Weekly Fix is coming up on Wednesday instead of Friday like intended, we only have last week’s episode of Buzzpoint to share with you. Please enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe to MacroRecordsTV on YouTube, be notified each time we upload a new video!

Buzzpoint-weekly fix

This week; WATCHoutLOUD brings us a couple of the hottest topics in Video Games right now. Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, and Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Metal Gear and Silent Hill(s) projects.

For even more Video Game fun, join us on MacroPLAY. The official LetsPlay channel for Macro Records.


Active Series:


DC Universe Online

Infamous First Light

Series Coming Soon:

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

The Evil Within

Assassins Creed: Unity

Thanks for devouring our first ever “Weekly Fix”. Join us next week on Friday for our next episode.



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Do you like Video Games? Then you will probably like joining us on YouTube for MacroPLAY. MacroPLAY is the official Lets Play channel for Macro Records. Join the guys as they effectively ruin your favorite video games, and some other ones as well.


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