Take Me Away #21

The year is 2014. The future is now. There aren’t flying cars and hoverboards, or teleportation and space travel. Yet we have endless war, drones circling in the skies watching us, technology automating every aspect of our lives, diseases and weapons that can wipe out the entire human population, an environment that is on life support. All the while the government is spying on everyone, a dystopian future is upon us.

In the future what will music sound like to reflect the dystopian horrors that we have now? My best guess, is that there might not be a day after tomorrow. If the future is occurring all around us, then the music of the future is here as well. The music of this world contains works from the talented artist Gazelle Twin a.k.a Elizabeth Bernholz. This young artist is a British composer from Brighton, England. Labels that have worked with Gazelle Twin are Something Nothing, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray and Sugarcane. Her music is mostly electronica, part avant-garde art, and wholly terrifying. It has a similar sound to Matmos and Aphex Twin mixed up with some more intense cinematic sounds.


The first track that I would like to introduce you to is titled “The Entire City”, which is off of her debut album from 2011. It has the sound apropos to be in a dramatic film but also the haunting element to be just the type of music that would fit the mood for these modern times.

Another brilliant track of hers is titled “Belly of The Beast”, which is off of her new album UNFLESH released this year. This video has strange, dark and unsettling images but the video along with the music is pure artistic gold.

The future could only hold something as dark and different as Gazelle Twin. It’s beautiful, it’s scary, it’s on the precipice of danger and holiness. It is the art of our time.


Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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