Take Me Away #22

In the era of modernity, musical tastes have become a conglomeration of different genres that twist, bend, stretch, mutate and evolve. Genre purity and essentialism are concepts that have quickly gone the way of the dinosaur. In previous decades and musical eras it would only be so that a genre might crossover into one other genre, this would rarely happen. Almost never would a genre bleed into multiple others creating an amalgam of artistic creation. Such a concept would have surely confused listeners and been rejected by the masses. Now in the dawn of an entirely new era, where culture changes and evolves at break neck speeds, the exponential growth and spread of culture leaves little room for the concept of one genre.

Enter an artist that mixes the elements of pop, electro, and indie rock. This is nothing new, nothing even spectacular or noteworthy. What is noteworthy is the lack of attention that this artist has received despite the musical milestones she has achieved. I’m talking about Charli XCX. She is barely starting to make waves within the mainstream music realm. She has been featured on a great number tracks and is now getting ready to release another album that is primed to launch her career in the realm of superstardom.


 Many of you know and have heard the talent that Charli XCX has worked with. She co-wrote and was featured on “I Love It” by Icona Pop. She also wrote “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. You don’t want to hear about that though. You want to know about Charli XCX. “You’re the One” which was featured on her album titled “True Romance” released in April of 2013. The track is reminiscent of 80’s era pop and dare I say it is similar to what I remember Madonna sounding like at an early age. The hook is catchy and the video even has some elements of yesteryear in it. Please watch and enjoy.

“Alcoholic” is another track that is worth noting and listening to, it’s from her debut album titled “14”. As opposed to “You’re The One” this track has more of a 90’s era feel to it, with the timeless piano fee and the sincere vocals. I really love this track, I find myself listening to it over and over again.

These tracks from her previous albums are definitely filled with talent. I would have to say the rising star is on a path towards fortune, fame and a long career. Her music style is versatile, she can perform and record in different genres and still remain relevant. She is definitely worth keeping an eye on, go and take a listen to more of her solo work and not just the tracks that writes for or gets featured on.


Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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