Take Me Away #23

If a poet isn’t political, it’s because they can afford not to be. In the same breath, all music can be subversive and if it isn’t; it can afford not to be. You may be asking yourself, “What does this mean?” It means that there are still poets, authors, musicians, and artists who are incredibly political because they cannot afford to be silent, or to make art that isn’t a challenge to the conventions of today. An artist whose entire persona and presence is an act of resistance, is a beautiful thing. The world needs more of this art, the world still has many minds to change and equality to achieve.

There is an artist that balks at the status quo. I’m talking about Jocelyn Rachel “JD” Samson. She is an all-American musician, producer, and DJ. She is better known as one of the members of Le Tigre. She is also known for her work in JD Samson and Men. Her work is filled with political posturing that seeks to level the field in terms of equality. She is an artist that is a staunch supporter of LGBT causes and the Feminist movement. So not only is she incredibly talented, but her heart is obviously in the right place.


One of my favorite tracks of hers is titled “Making Art” from the latest album titled “Labor”. The music is very high energy and would be awesome to catch live. The bass and synth are more than catchy progressions that you will hear in mainstream electronic music, instead they are powerful, fun and heavy. Take a listen for yourself!

“All The Way Thru” takes on a new light when remixed by Andre Crom and Chi Thanh. The track definitely has disco influences, automatically making it a huge winner in my book. There is nothing quite like modern electronic music that is reminiscent of dim lit disco era skate rings. So let the music take you back to when kids put on roller skates, went round in circles for hours, made out in dark corners of the building and let music influence their lives for the first time.

The music of JD Samson and Men is not only infectious, but powerful. The artist herself is someone with a strong penchant for justice and an incredible talent for aural excellence. Please do check out the links below and become a fan of more of the awesome music/art she makes.


Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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