Sometimes I Get Hungry #26

Part Three

A Guide To Success: Dance Music: Part 3

For the last 100 years, people have been trying to condition you into an autonomous face, to which they can apply a number to. Sadly to say, it’s worked on plenty. From online shopping, to Netflix cutting out the need to speak to the bare minimum of one human being, to get some form of entertainment. We have become increasingly isolated. Which is also reflected through our musical choices. Nowadays, promoters are more willing to pay for social media data than to canvas the streets with flyers and posters. Some people say that those days are gone, but there’s been study after study, saying that the conglomerated filtering system is turning more people away than acquiring new crowds. I know that it has influenced my usage of common apps, like Pandora. I haven’t turned to it for almost six years, even if its intentions started on the noblest of terms: as a part of the Human Genome Project, it doesn’t connect with me. After I filled up my preferences with likes of artists and genres I was into, it keep spitting out completely opposing selections. The dislike button ablaze with disapproval, I was asked to fill out a survey several times over. That turned into a chat with an administrator who said I was one of the few people who did not triangulate into their formulas. He told me that, at that time, Pandora had 58 musical profiles that it could fit everybody into, if they compiled seventy or more entries. It’s was shocking to think that they had whole groups of people, those of different origins, geography, even who speak different languages, that easily bottle necked and branded. I know the number of categorized profiles has gone up, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the ever growing and transcendent art form of Music can be analyzed so coldly. If you want to be successful, in this increasingly mechanical existence, you are going to have to be opposite of what they want to build you into. What you have to have to be a human being.

Nobody ever cut to the core of the modern spaces of the Human Experience; and more importantly a successful, affluent one, than Dale Carnegie and his teachings. His are not like those of The 48 Laws of Power. They are actually the complete opposite, and in doing so, are meant to achieve opposing results. Quite simply; if you want lasting, respected, influence with people, you’re going to have a make a real intimate connection with people. Of course, that’s easier said than done, since creating connections involves as risk and reward. However, in the long run, it’s greater than the petty charlatan crap that people are being fed today, and ultimately much more beneficial.

Step 1: Begin On a Positive Note – Sometimes I see the derogatory political ads, and they turn me away from the candidate that used them. I get a negative opinion about them. We’ll see firebrand memes on Facebook about sports teams and celebrity gossip and say to ourselves, “Fuck this person and their negativity.” We have been saturated with these spoiled cries for attention for years now, and quite frankly, we are all sick and tired of it. It’s like dealing with a screaming toddler on a long bus ride. You know what makes people remember you? A simple “Good Job” or “Congratulations” is enough to accomplish that. There’s been a study, conducted by Dr. Gerald H. Graham, from its 1982 onset, that states 51% of employees report rarely receiving praise from supervisors and 81% of those say they never receive acknowledgement for their hard work while in front of their peers. This has given clout to simple reinforcements, like Facebook Likes and Repostings. We have been conditioned since a young age, to think that only a golden few can be the top and deserve praise, that we react to any modicum of attention. Simple psychological tenets point to the power of positive appreciation. Every good leader employs it at every turn. If you want to begin a change, you need to put the energy and attention in proper direction.

Make sure to be genuine and sincere. People will see right through false lobbying. If you’re honest, it will mean more and create the modest beginning of a friendship or at least connection. Be concise and appropriate. Telling somebody about the good set they played a year ago makes you look like stalker. Commend them when the action is fresh and while the learning process is still malleable. People who receive the same type of praise have the ability to figure out what they need to work on, just by that which isn’t acknowledged. Not only does this save you the need to be the person who tells them what they need to work on, but it lets them know that you were paying attention to their work. Specificity is the Bestificity…- Yea, just be specific as possible. Tell people what you liked about their set, or song, or event, or shirt. Or how they held the fart in the entire way through the car ride even after y’all just dominated a couple of food trucks right after a couple of rounds of Irish car bombs. The more specific, the steeper the value you put on your acknowledgement. Share with Others – Repost, Retweet, Reconnect. The easiest way to show somebody that you’re really think their work was great was by sharing it with other people. The wheels of interpersonal media have made this easier than ever; but people are still very specific on what they post. It’s that level of concern for your digital image that adds creditability. Deciding is as much of an important life decision to some as what career to go after is to others. I know I have my pages assigned to be able to decide what can and can’t be put on them. Sharing an event means I actually I support that artist. For the most part, it’s not about an image, but about honesty. If we share something with others, whether in conversation or on digital avenues, we still ply our stamp of approval on it.

Step 2: Let Your Reputation Lead the Way – Your actions will ultimately create the mark that you will be remembered for. So do you want to be that person known to play shitty little 5 a.m. shows in backyards full of dog shit, cigarette butts, and burn outs? Or would you rather be known as the go-to person for amazing music? People will remember the positive things you do as well as your negatives. It’s time to pick what you really want. Your nickname, your social circle, your drinking habits, your sexual preferences are all going to be put under a microscope. Why not put your efforts and progresses towards the monumental. The easiest way to influence other people’s actions is to change your own. As much as it’s necessary to put your name and music out there, you have to be selective about playing at raunchy dive bars or with people who do not have beneficial motives. Champion real causes and support the people who earnestly care about your art, as compared to the people just trying to get a bigger bar tab and take pictures with the headliners. This is about moderating your future. Your choices matter like a Mass Effect conversation choice. Burn the wrong people, never play in that certain market again. Make yourself known as a respectable person, posers and abusers won’t ever dare ask you to play for their hollow events. This saves you from the necessity of calling out your own mistakes, in order to show your humility, and to give people sideways objectives. Standing up boldly, but earnestly makes you a beacon. Use that attention to reinforce a positive direction.

Step 3: Connect On Common Ground – There is the one thing we universally share, no questions asked; Music. At least if your right here, reading this column, whether you’re on of my readers from Canada, India, or Kenya. (Which I never knew I had until a few weeks ago) Right now, I see a splintered Us Vs. Them culture, that’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep as fractured as they have wanted us to be. There are more cross pollinations at shows and festivals. It’s time accept that we are part of a larger culture. Use that connection to open up new conversations with people. The simple exchange of tracks speaks volumes compared to an in depth interview. Sometimes it takes one song to make a lifelong friend. Sometimes it’ll open up opportunities that you could never achieve through years of hard work. I’ve always believed that I get to know somebody more though their music collection than by any other means. It’s time to rejoin the Human Experience, away from what advertisement agencies and social discourse have people believing should be the normal. There is nothing more human, raw and powerful, than music. It’s time to take it back as an essential part of your life and people will respect you for it. With that respect, one earned through the humility and openness, you can begin to create and work with those dynamic enough to make real momentum. From that Inertia, you can become a force in your own right, and help those who are headed in the same direction as you. The universal pivot of success is by how many people you have in your sphere of influence. As long as you have true common ground with those you stand with, the success of your goals is imminent. Just don’t fuck up and do a bunch of drugs and die at 27.

This Week In Music:

Sorry, mainstream names this week. I know how people love those… The SEVEN FREE Tracks are great though. Ranging from #Garage , #DeepHouse , #Disco , #Grime #DrumNBass to a wonderful #Jazz Throwback. This was one of my favorite weeks in Free Music so far. I’d like to thank all the people who suggested music.

Kflay – Make Me Fade (Nicola Bear Remix)

Gotta call this the track of the week. I cut two tracks off the list, just because I didn’t want them to be next to this one. The free download wasn’t up, until it seemed like a couple of dozen people pleaded for it. If you have to call it something, it’s going to be House with heavy marks in the Garage measurements. It’s has our traditional 1:24 marker to lead in, but once that chorus works up, you welcome the lady lyricist vocals to come back. She’s never gruff or soft, which plays into the next half of the remix. It’s the last peak out of the song that make it explode. The isolation and the collision give a perfect transition out of the song. Tone and talent always make me look forward to an artist’s next work and this has made me locked in interested.

Prizma – Beyond Reason (Hypho Remix)

We all know that everything is either Future or Deep nowadays, but let’s get away from that subject for right now. Maybe it’s not all Techno, the rhythms and depth exhibit it though. Still, there’s the light advances of Progressive or later European Electro that was born out of Progressive Jungle itself. But you know what, I just like the word “Bumbaclot”. Sometimes I like look at a female, and I’m like “Bumbaclot Girl”. Usually it’s to a ratchet chick that calls herself a ratchet chick. The pulsation and driving dynamic keep me coming back to this song. This track works on so many levels, whether club transition or mid-set re-shaper, which begs to be played, specifically at loud volumes.

Drill Drill – Danger

I’m not going to talk about snares or keys on this one. Let’s be honest, it’s about the bass. I love marching band, heavy, southern tech-bass as much as the next former band member. What I really love is when that singularity is presented in a solid composition, that doesn’t drown the rest of the production in the process. As much as the highlight of the song is the bass line, let’s not forget the level of timing it takes to piece a sharp melody, while not sounding Generic or Sparkly Dubstep. The effects on the 8’s are clean and the whole track is solid.

Psylum – Forest Temple

It’s always so difficult to find a good video game soundtrack, but this one clears every hurdle. The inspiration is out of the Ocarina of Time’s Deep Woods framework and reworked into a Drum and Bass modality. This track hits on so many levels. First, the editing, from the game effects of the door closing, to how it controls the beats, are on point. It allows the melodic and playfully spooky nature of the song to influence the overall setting. Just enough cycles to excite and enough to know that the artist shows quite a bit of promise.

Nina Simone – See Line Woman (Marquis Hawke Inspired RYME Bootleg)

Another near and dear to the heart, are Nina Simone reworks. Pulling Tribal samples with proper modern molding, it becomes more than Afrobeatcentric. The vocals are positioned nicely, at great vectors, both for attention and to emphasis emptiness. I’m really glad that Tribal and Native Bass genres are coming back up, while other streams of the genre are trying to absorb into one blob.

Golf Clap – Make Me Feel

This track appears on the Country Club Disco EP and I’ll be honest, I only flipped through that EP at first. It took a few people playing and recommending this track alone, that I give it a chance without clicking through the whole thing. The title keeps its promise, being both Groovy Club and Saucy House. I enjoy that it doesn’t just replay a loop in the center, to create build up. Instead, it highlights another piece of the leads to create the intrigue needed for the listener to appreciate the tie in, back to the original beat.

DJ Day – White Clouds (Day’s Rhodes More Traveled Edit)

If you want to turn the vibe very chill, but still very funky, take this song. The lounge feel encapsulates the 70’s timeline of its origin. No wonder why this song has been sampled many times over, specifically from big 90’s names like Montell Jordan and Dr. Dre. More songs were thrown out, but we couldn’t confirm them. A lot of times, these reviews are just streams of consciousness. This one doesn’t merit that. It’s a rich track that deserves a listen, whether for the classical influences, no matter the genre your into.

Next Week: I don’t know if I want to do a Halloween Special, like last years. Wow, it’s already been a year.

Raul Chacon is a self-aware douchebag, who only listens to bands you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week(instead of class). Eventually, he became a touring security guard and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been to; but there’s too many holes in his brain at this point.


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