Take Me Away #24

When I search for music, I generally come across artists that take their craft so serious that their music has some sort of heavy handed postmodern feel to it. The cover art for their albums have something to prove, their videos are more abstract than they are interesting and the music is probably the least exciting thing about them. The struggle of finding music to fill the space in between weeks, days, moments, is real. I generally lament the search for music worth writing about, this week excluded.

After an interesting series of events, social media led me to find a band from the Bay Area. They hail from the land of San Francisco and their music reminds me of high school, in a good way that is. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s alt-pop. It gives me the same feeling as emo-punk did from the late 90’s early 2000’s. It’s fun to listen to, it isn’t commercial and their style is varied. The Y Axes plays the kind of music I want to hear when I go to a house party in a big city in which I drink too much Pabst Blue Ribbon and end up dancing ridiculously all by myself to their catchy tunes. They make the kind of pop music that isn’t anything like what is on the radio and because of that I thank them. I offer unto thee, my readership; something worth listening to that won’t make you cringe. They have played with acts such as Midnight Cinema Club, Crashfaster, Curious Quail and Starover Blue.


The track titled “Green to Gold” is pop to the Nth degree. The synth, the drums, the driving beat is energetic and fun and the lyrics are something you don’t find in an overtly serious generation. They still remind me that music can be fun, lighthearted and worth dancing to.

The Y Axes has an 80’s quality to themselves as well as their sound. Anyone who has been even a short term reader would know my obsession with that musical genre/era. This track titled “Nothing With You” has that same type of sound.

The Y Axes is the kind of music that you can listen to while trying to forget what generation it came from. You can follow their catchy rhythmic chord progressions into their world, leaving your own cynical world views behind. You can allow their music to remind you that, sometimes music just has to be fun and not some kind of avant-garde art project, and for that I appreciate their work!


Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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