Take Me Away #25

This week; I was under intense pressure to write an article even though I was incredibly busy. I am an English major with creative writing classes and some upper level poetry theory classes that take up a great deal of my time. Even so, I support Macro Records with all of my person because I believe in the cause, the mission, and the music. I was inspired by fellow blogger, Raul Chacon. His most recent series on the Macro Records Blog, “A Guide To Success: Dance Music”, was the best thing to read on the internet as of late. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. I digress, this post is about the complications within the “dance music” scene. So without further ado, I present to you,

“Dance Music: How to Offend True Fans and the Paradox Within”.

I will have to admit, I am a hypocrite. Everything within this post cannot be used against me because I have admitted to a character defect of my own. So that being said, I present to you the paradox of the Electronic Music Scene “Hipster”. As with every medium of art; there are the true, die hard fans who have supported the scene from the very beginning. These people know who started the genre, what sub-genres came from it, what artists developed certain sub-genres, and how the scene became what it is today. Yes, I can say that I am generally one of those people. I take pride in knowing a great deal about the scene, and the craft that I have been exposed to.

Protip #1: If you want to offend a tried and true dance music fan; Call it “EDM”. There is almost nothing more offensive to a person who listens to electronic music, as someone calling their favorite genre “EDM”. This might be attributed to newbies calling the genre what they have heard it labeled by the media, or maybe that no one calls it that when they are part of the culture. Except these types—

native american appropriation

Yeah, just because you like “EDM” doesn’t mean you get to appropriate Native cultures. You may think it looks cool while you are stuck in a “K” hole and “rolling” with a pacifier around your neck and Vicks vapor rub on your chest, but it isn’t.

Protip #2: Listen to the artists that are making the scene popular/terrible at the moment, i.e. Porter Robinson, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and Martin Garrix. These “EDM” fans are generally around the age of 16-20 and have no clue about the amazing artists and obstacles that one had to go through in order to see a righteous set “back in the day”. Yeah, at one time there were actual illegal underground raves with dedicated DJ’s who actually spun records with actual turntables. Those people paved the way for unappreciative young assholes to just listen to the top 40. So sorry, but not sorry, fuck you. Also, these artists listed above follow generic templates that are almost guaranteed to make the general populace dance, because it’s the same tired style that has been used over and over to feed the overly self-medicated masses.

Protip #3: Use lists like this to emulate Buzzfeed.com and say things like Protip. There is nothing more offensive to a true fan of a genre/craft than a media outlet trying to be something they are not. It is utterly ridiculous that the internet populace is subjected to “clickholes” and “clickbait” that’s instantly gratifying and addicting. We don’t want to be marketed to, we have been marketed to our whole lives and we already know what we like without a huge corporation like Budweiser or Heineken trying to sponsor our nightlife activities. So please, refrain from trying to be cool. It’s like that kid in high school that tried skateboarding because he thought it might get him laid.

Protip #4: This is the most paradoxical aspect of the genre, but also the most offensive. Claim to know about the craft. What you think you have learned from those before you, but truly don’t know because you didn’t understand the culture from the alpha, the beginning, the creation of the genre. Where does one draw the line between true fan of dance music, and a fanboy/fangirl of “EDM”. Is it acceptable to ironically listen to the DJ’s in the top 40 list? The true DJ’s, most of whom are underground, are working day and night to provide quality dance music for the masses. Is it ok for you to only listen to underground artists? Is it okay to then put down others who like the mainstream stuff because you think they are “degrading to the genre”? Is it ok to listen to a blend of the mainstream and underground? Or does that make you a passive listener of the genre and not a true fan of the actual culture? The answer to all of these questions is yes/no. There is no tried and true answer that will make you cool, that will allow you acceptance into the culture. No formula will make you friends that won’t laugh at you when you aren’t around. You will always be a fucking hipster or wannabe hipster. There is no way out. You should listen to quality music and completely forget about people’s opinions, because what should drive your musical taste shouldn’t be created from a board room, music label, or popular drug but what makes you feel good when you listen/dance to it. So just know that you will never be cool, just listen to what makes you happy. Be warned though, someone will always judge you for your taste in music.

Protip #5: Do not attend large music festivals that are highlighting “EDM”. The reason is simple. The commodification of the genre started years ago and the more we support a huge corporate interest in our culture, the more figures we will have like Paris Hilton and Dj Pauly D. Just some food for thought, how in the world would true “EDM” fans let a music label such as Cash Money Records put out music by Paris Hilton, that is supposed to be from our culture? She makes 1 million per set while good DJ’s struggle to even get close to a percentage of that at small venues and clubs. So yes, maybe Electric Daisy Carnival is fun and it might have a huge lineup, but the chances are that the hardest working DJ’s will not be there and you will most likely end up buying way overpriced beer from a corporate sponsor and you will definitely be surrounded by “festie” girls in furry boots and “Dude-Bros”.

My suggestion, listen and search for great music by finding people on Soundcloud and following quality blogs such as Macro Records. With the right kind of dedication you can be listening to great music such as the music listed by Raul Chacon, Kassie Mitchell, and myself. We look for music, so you don’t have to. Yes it is hard to be in the loop and find music that won’t offend your friends who know more about music than you do, but with our help you won’t be that asshole who listens to Paris Hilton, Tiesto, and Dj Snake. Just remember this; if you don’t listen to the music we suggest and support the true culture you are supporting artists such as this….and if you support these artists, then God help us, because the terrorists have already won.


Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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