Take Me Away #26

When I set out to write for Macro Records, I didn’t have much in mind except that I was encouraged to find my own voice and let it be an extension of my personality. So after going through different writing styles, I felt that including subversive gender politics within my writing would be a good angle. The reason being; I am a feminist and if that ruins my credibility with some guys, then so be it. If it draws criticism from other folks for labeling myself as such, than that is the path I have chosen and I will have to deal with the consequences.

Equality is something that I care deeply about. Respect is another thing that I value highly. In modern society, there is a complete lack of respect for women and they have yet to experience any semblance of equality with their male counterparts. Due to these circumstances, I have chosen to make my angle, my voice a support system for those who experience inequality. I also feel that many female artists are incredibly talented and never quite make it to levels of stardom that they deserve.

There are countless articles coming out that are calling for better representation of women in the Electronic music genre. Some are calling out promoters for only having a small percentage of their lineup be female musicians, others are questioning why women aren’t more represented. The biggest issue at hand, is that perceptions change. Society will not value equality until people value equality. Men will not respect women until they are taught to respect women. More great art from women will not come until the industry and the consumers start to demand that these voices/artists be heard.

It has been noted by countless female artists, that promoters will seek out male artists first. There have been endless conversations about what female musicians are wearing instead of the quality of their music. The same conversations are not being held about male performers. Promoters also use their position of power to hit on or objectify female performers. Another huge offense to women in the music industry is whether or not they produce all of their own music, constant questioning of their talent comes into play much quicker than it does with male counterparts.

There are a number of amazing artists who are female and their accounts of discrimination are disheartening. How would music lovers feel if artists like Nervo submitted to an over-reaching patriarchal attitude and never released music, never played live shows, or simply never even attempted to make great art because of the constant adversity and obstacles that a female artist experiences.

So I challenge every single reader of this blog and the other blogs on Macro Records to change their perceptions. Challenge the idea of Feminism being a dirty word, challenge yourself and friends to be the voice for those who are underrepresented. I challenge each man and woman out there to reconsider that Feminism is about equal rights, equal rights for mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, girlfriends and friends. I challenge each male to take a stand alongside their female friends and support their rights. I challenge each person out there to be more supportive of equality and demand that we see more great art from female musicians, because you know they are important people too.

Speaking of Nervo, I leave you with some amazing tracks by the duo. Nervo is comprised of Miriam and Olivia Nervo and they make music that is definitely worth listening to and even more worthy of being supported by a larger audience.


This track is titled “Ready For The Weekend” and features Ayah Marar. It’s short, but is a great introduction to Nervo’s style and energy.

“Not Taking This No More” is a collaboration between Nervo and Ivan Gough featuring Beverly Knight. This track is a little bit fuller than the last one and its intensity is huge. This is the kind of track I would like to hear live at a Nervo show. If you don’t like it, I don’t know if we can be friends.

Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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