Take Me Away #30

Data by the terabyte fills servers across the world. Large air conditioned rooms contain billions of webpages. Hours upon hours are spent staring at screens, looking at webpages, being drawn into click-holes. It is estimated that the average person in the developed world will have spent 28,300 hours on the internet, some will spend less and of course some people will spend many more. Some people’s lives are entirely constructed by internet culture. A culture that self-perpetuates and creates entertainment for entertainment’s sake. A cultural singularity is at hand.

In this wonderful world of the internet there are amazing things that wow and overjoy us, there are things that sicken us but we are unable to look away, there is enough data to make someone lose their minds. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it happen with internet conspiracy theorists who believe they have the world figured out. Besides all of that there are downright hilarious pieces of internet culture that deserve attention because they help us escape from the sick and twisted world that exists. Here are a few tracks that will brighten up your day.

Anyone who grew up watching Jurassic Park would remember and most likely love the character that Jeff Goldblum played in the film, but what is even better is this great remix that FLIPSHOT created from Jeff Goldblum’s laugh in that movie. The track is titled “hahahrawrrahaha” and it is pure internet gold! Listen and love!

This next track is awesome because it samples audio from Masterchef. I find the track irritating at best but also hilarious, right up until it becomes absolutely maddening. It is titled “Masterchef Synesthesia” by Swede Mason.

This next track I added because I loved Seinfeld and I love what McMaNGOS does with the theme song. It isn’t quite the theme song and it isn’t quite as great but it’s good enough for a listen. It’s a tribute to how influential Seinfeld was to us all.

This track had to be added because it’s Kanye, which is someone who everyone either hates to love or loves to hate. And just to add to the Kanye controversy is the music from the video game Chrono Trigger’s added to Kanye’s rhymes from “Touch The Sky”. The result is a beautiful internet amalgam baby that no one should shy away from! Thank you Shaliek for creating this track.

This next track is insane. It was made by KTHRSIS and it’s titled “ByeByeBiggie”. It’s a mashup of Paramore, Ghostface Killah, N’Sync, Biggie, Chiodos and Rich Boy. I hear some other artists mixed up in the track but that is what is listed as major influences for the track. Even if you were to dislike this track, you should be able to agree that this is some interesting and talented mixing.

I never stopped loving Rage Against the Machine. It’s The Battle of Los Angeles remixed with Bingo Players. The internet has Martin Plan-B to thank for this strange mastery.

This last track is awesome because I love Biggie and I love Pretty Lights. It’s titled “B.I.G. Dreams” and it was created by Mash Brotatoes. Do yourself a favor and follow this artist because this track just plain rules.

 Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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