Sometimes I Get Hungry #32

This year on S.I.G.H; 130 FREE DOWNLOADS were featured, 125 of which are still free. We supported four free EPs. Showed four movies about Dance Music. Had four vinyls reviewed and talked about Black Friday releases. We featured musicians’ months before they came into town. Talked about the worst type of people at night clubs, dished up tips about being successful, warned about the flux of fakes at shows. Featured everything from Techno, House, Trap, Dubstep, Goa, Grime, Disco, Deep, Heavy, Happy, Hip Hop, 8-Bit and whatever other genre you probably like, well not Trance. Want to know what I liked about this year?

We’ve grown tired of having people try to lord over us how many festivals they’ve gone to. Now people are understanding that without appreciation for technique, you’re just another shambling body. Maybe it was impressive to have seen Richie Hawtin or Laidback Luke thirteen times ten years ago, but that’s an alabaster trophy in this day and age.

I don’t remember how many shows I went to this year, I don’t even have a Top 5 to give you just because there has been too many. I can swear I went to at least a show a week. The best part is that they weren’t one sided, generic corporate, smash a bunch of bodies into a room and cover them in paint parties either. Hidden warehouse mixers, off the beaten path desert romps, new places and new faces. I’m glad that people are getting away from that Dress Code enforced, No Cover but $7 water places and taking music back to small little places, were a decent crowd doesn’t look like an empty venue.

People have become way more educated about the music they listen to and enjoy. We don’t have to be correcting each other about small stuff and it gives people the freedom to ask questions.

There wasn’t one huge track that everybody felt pressured to play. If anything, people have come to terms that not one genre or faction is better than another. But we’ve come to understand that there is no point in trying to convert the non-believers. We have all become such a stereotype that it’s easy to see who really cares about music, and who is just in it for money, attention, drugs, etc.

Even I have learned more about music this year. From simple exchanges of influences and tracks, more than I did from my years reading sheet music. I met my girlfriend because of music, traveled and worked because of music. Today; I have a better understanding about life in general because of music.

This week in Music

In the end, I still feel like there is a lot that can be accomplished in the few weeks left this year. I’m still craving a genuine club experience. There’s still room left for somebody to present themselves as a contender for the top spot in my playlist. Four FREE DOWNLOADS and a Free EP that’s killer.

Clubrock – Body Back

If you need a heavy, Dub Grime track with a soothing low end and a rowdy lead. Not sure if it’s the strings or the dujbstep elements but it’s great for a variety of listening preferences. The technique is solid. The placement is strong. It’s a big track and only for those not faint of heart.

Mr.J – Suckit

Didn’t I feature this song three weeks ago? The prime sample has been circulating and everybody is playing with it now. There’s so much traction in this remix. The creative edge is great, but it feels too long for my taste and I don’t really appreciate the final vocal cuts. When it peaks back into deeper house mods, I like it again. Committed Deep sets will play this, but I can’t see it in any other place.

Sasquatch – Hang On (Distal Remix)

Do you recognize that bass riff? Not sure if this is Morse Code or if somebody is playing a braille record of a Seinfeld episode, but the frantic rhythm works for me. Besides the song being free, there’s also a chance to win a limited edition of the original vinyl. The original is something all its own.

Metacentric – Swamp Planet

This is what I imagine Alan Moore listening to while he wrote his historic run of Swamp Thing. It’s Dark, Dirty, Deep, Scary, Techno with no forgiveness. The one pause is for customary build up and it just dive back into the murky undergrowth. This is my track of the week for every the reason I love Alan Moore’s writing, because it has no mercy.

Vibe Street – She Makes Me Feel

I hear free EPs all the time, but never has one stayed on my playlist longer than a few hours before I dissect the selections for the best tracks. When I heard this, two then three times, I had to show it to people. It’s Bluegrass, Jazz, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Soul, and anything else you can think of. Take Care combines Hard Dub and Blues elements into one track. Don’t Run Away From Magic has Soft Pop Jazz elements with a Melodic Acid Jazz center and a Breakbeat coating. Really, it’s the opener track; Something From Outer Space, that shows the technique and soul of this artist. This might be the best EP I’ve heard all year and I’m proud to share it with everyone.

Next Week: Burnout

Raul Chacon is a self-aware douchebag, who only listens to bands you’ve probably never heard of. His years of writing for literary reviews and magazines, lead him to a couple of scholarships for his work, which he quickly squandered by moving to Austin and going to shows six days a week(instead of class). Eventually, he became a touring security guard and witnessed hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals firsthand. He would tell you how many shows he’s been to; but there’s too many holes in his brain at this point.


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