Take Me Away #35

The beginning of a new year inspires growth and creativity. It casts new light on old ideas and concepts. New beginnings, new years, new days tend to inspire people to find themselves, to find more of what they find beautiful. To live life to its fullest. At the beginning of this new year I have found just that, another artist that I truly admire. Another year to experience new creativity and in this artists music I am pleased to welcome what I may find in the new year.

I know it is too early to start making statements like best new female artist, but I am going to do that anyway. This artist has an impressive co-written song with Charli XCX. She has definitely been flying under the radar but with a little more publicity she will definitely be taking the stage as one of the most impressive artists of 2015. Her music is described as electropop or synthpop, which may be a large reason as to why I enjoy her music so much. Many times what most people call synthpop is just pop music that isn’t quite good enough to have a mainstream appeal, so producers and music critics pay more attention to the “electro” feel of the music and label it synthpop. This is not one of those cases. Erin Michelle Wuthrich otherwise known as Ryn Weaver is a synthpop artist that is entirely deserving of the attention she is just barely starting to garner.

ryn weaver

Her latest hit titled “Octahate” is the track that is co-written with Charli XCX and it is definitely getting well deserved attention. She is releasing on the label Friends Keep Secrets which is a smaller label owned by Interscope. Her full length album is due out this year and it looks very promising.

The video for Octahate is a strange confluence of an adolescent girl and the actual Ryn Weaver singing and throwing a tantrum. The clothing in the video is a mix of what one would expect from modern day hipsters mixed with clothing that is reminiscent of the late 1980’s. There are people in morphsuits and strange makeup effects, this video is worth watching if not just for the music but also for the interesting theatrics.

Another track that was enchanting to hear is “Stay Low”. This track features Ryn Weaver’s vocal talent in a way that Octahate seems to downplay. The track is from her EP titled Promises. This track reminds me of why I love to listen to female musicians, the vocal range and styling is something that is much more captivating than male singers can achieve. The way that her voice interacts with the music is something that I could listen to for quite a while and not tire of.

If 2015 has art and creative expression similar to what Ryn Weaver is doing than I welcome this year with open arms. I look forward to a year in which there are many artists which strike me in the way that Ryn Weaver has.

Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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