Take Me Away #36

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination

and life to everything.”


The cathartic effect of music tends to produce empyrean episodes. Moments of lasting happiness that are no longer or shorter than average moments, but that are felt much deeper by the individual. These moments are an awakening, a recognition. They are moments of divinity, a remembrance of some place holy, or some utterly true and pure event. Music has an emotive effect on people, an ability to comfort, or make sad, or energize or spread joy. Music touches a part of the soul that other forms of art simply cannot do, no beautiful string of prose or poetry, no medium of physical art can delve that deep. Music reaches into the depths of a person’s existence and draws out the beauty that we often forget to acknowledge. Music is supposed to remind us what it is to feel and to be human.

Every once in a great while music of incredible substance presents itself. This particular artist that I’m featuring today was presented via a talented artist in his own right, Ben Chrisman. Ben suggested that people give this artist who “mesmerized him” a listen.

I’m talking about Chris Pureka who hails from Portland, Oregon. The music seems to carry that indie rock folk sound that so many other artists in the area share. However it far outshines most other similar stylings, putting it in a league of its own.


Chris Pureka dresses in a Dylanesque style that is a throwback to boxcar travelers of the dustbowl era. The music is somewhat of a folk renaissance and features some of the most compelling tracks I have personally heard in quite some time. The track titled “Wrecking Ball” will help you begin to experience and understand the beauty that is Chris Pureka.

A voice like hers is hard to come by. The power that comes through is incredible. It sounds intimate, passionate and heavenly. The track titled “Landlocked” is the perfect example of how intense her vocals and music can be.

This couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. I have been searching for new music and hoping to find something that I wouldn’t tire of after just a day or two. I realized that after finding Chris Pureka that my longing wasn’t just for music that can just keep my attention, but for real quality music. I want to listen to art. I want to experience something worthwhile. A peaceful and calm experience is what followed after hearing the beautiful sound that is Chris Pureka.

Article by: Gabriel Barrio

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