Saturdais #06


1. Insan3lik3 & Rob Gasser – Fast Forward (Original Mix)

I am a huge fan of Insan3lik3. Ever since he remixed Downlow’d and myself’s track “Vitoria” I have been on the lookout for his tunes. His new EP with Rob Gasser is no exception to that mindset. This track boasts some playful basslines and altogether groovy disco-house elements. I hate the fact that I haven’t been bringing you guys very many free downloads as of late. This track however deserved to make its way to your ears. I promise I have an awesome free download coming at the end of this post.

2. ZAGAR – Space Medusa (Tits & Clits Remix)

Who doesn’t love Tits & Clits? I’m not exactly sure how dirty that statement actually is. I’m referring to the Budapest natives who have continued to pleasure my ears since I first started listening to them. When I first heard this track I wasn’t quite sure that I was listening to Tits & Clits, an obvious testament to their versatility and originality. What started out as an oddly mellow tune culminated into something totally awesome that I never expected to hear from these guys.


3. Dirtyloud – Needle (Alex Mind Remix)

I still remember when the Original Mix of this track came out more than two years ago. I have been a huge fan of Dirtyloud for a long time, and their Original work (which is always great) makes for some really awesome Remixes. Alex Mind is bringing this track back into the fringe with his Remix. Expertly arranged vocals, heavy dance floor basslines, and punchy drums are the reason why this track has made it into my Winter playlist. I wasn’t lying when I said I would have a banging free download for the end of this post. You can pick up this track for free just by liking Alex Mind’s Facebook page.

>> Alex Mind’s Facebook <<

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